Vallelunga 2014
As last season was reaching its climax in Abu Dhabi, Maserati Corse's technicians and engineers were already working on improvements for the 2014 Trofeo

The changes made were the result of test drives run by Alessandro Pier Guidi and sampled by the series participants at the Vallelunga shakedown. Silvio d’Amico, Sales & Marketing Motorsport Coordinator, provided the details.

“The Trofeo 2014 has been tweaked in numerous ways that will result in it being notably faster compared to last year's model. The most evident changes have been made to the aerodynamics, namely to the front splitter and rear diffuser. We increased the size of the splitter to boost downforce on the front and counter the oversteer that the drivers complained about. The middle of the splitter is slightly raised so that airflow is conveyed below the car more efficiently; for now we have a flat undertray. Completing the new aerodynamics is a new diffuser that makes the car smoother through curves while upping speed both in fast and slower stretches. The design of the diffuser is very different to last season's and the material it is constructed from is all-new; this has brought down the overall weight.

A nolder on the rear wing is a sign that airflow over the car has also been revised. This addition increases rear load at low speeds without compromising top-end pace is the first time a nolder has been employed on a Maserati. The car's mechanics have also had to be modified to complement the aerodynamic changes: the introduction of a rear anti-rollbar brings greater stability and, with it, higher speeds through curves".