Renaud Kuppens

Free practice

Sonoma - USA

Renaud Kuppens 

Kuppens at the last

Renaud Kuppens pulled another fantastic lap out of the bag to take the second free practice.

The Byrne/McQuarrie crew's time of 1:41.493 had seen them top the leaderboard but Kuppens was able to better their lap by .542. Kuppens had to cover 13 laps to secure top spot; his rivals ran just 6. The Fascicolo/Cecchellero duo needed even fewer laps, only 4, to finish third - just .795 down on the overall leader. Covering less ground in practice might turn out to be a benefit in the race itself.


Fourth place was taken by Bakker/Sbirrazzuoli, who managed to limit the gap to Kuppens to eight tenths. Ange Barde came next, tracked by Ragazzi/Simoni, feeling comfortable at Sonoma. Mauro Calamia came seventh but his session ended early with technical problems. Adrien De Leener put in a solid performance to come eighth with Cola/Gobbi ninth and the Venier/Gardelli partnership taking tenth.


Two crashes saw the red flag come out twice during the session. Luckily, the accidents involving cars driven Hedman/Vogel and Bocellari/Delli Guanti and the Trofeo commanded by Harry Cheung did not lead to any injuries.

Free practice 2

011Renaud Kuppens1:40.951
0233Patrick Byrne / Tyler Mcquarrie+0.542
037Giuseppe Fascicolo / Andrea Cecchellero+0.795
0428Mathjis Bakker / Cedric Sbirrazzuoli+0.858
0532Ange Barde+0.942
0623Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+1.470
0735Mauro Calamia+1.627
0814Adrien De Leener+1.721
0941Alberto Cola / Patrick Gobbo+1.867
1066Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+2.336
1146Mauro Cesari / Sandro Bettini+2.793
1231Damon Ockey+3.018
135Andreas Segler+3.645
144Per Nielsen+3.722
1589Ryan Ockey+3.757
1699Joe Becker / Jeff Westphal+4.017
1760Roberto Rayneri / Roberto Silva+4.063
1824Pierre Marie De Leener+4.454
1998Daniel Waszczinski+4.722
202Javier Ibran+4.743
2122Mikkel Mac+4.968
2227Heinrik Hedman / Ronald Vogel+5.035
2377Harry Cheung+5.593
2413Gianfranco Bocellari / Roberto Delli Guanti+6.519
2518Lino Curti / Carlo Curti+8.234
2634David Knobel+11.418
278Carlo Romani+16.069

Renaud Kuppens 

Kuppens untouchable

Renaud Kuppens came out on top in the first free practice session at Sonoma.

At the California circuit, the Belgian continued the form that has seen him secure the European title and seemed at home on a track where only a puncture in last year's Race 1 prevented him from scooping an amazing triple.


Kuppens' 1:40.538 was some three seconds faster than the lap that gave him pole in 2012. The other 26 drivers were off the leading pace: Riccardo Ragazzi, who finished second in last year's opening race and who is teaming up with Alan Simoni this weekend, came in six tenths down on the Belgian. Mathjis Bakker and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli drove brilliantly to take third, by two tenths, from Mikkel Mac - Mac stands second overall. Fifth went to Fascicolo/Cecchellero, followed by Mauro Calamia. The quickest Trofeo debutant was Jon Becker, 1.750 down on Kuppens. Venier/Gardelli, Cola/Gobbo and Damon Ockey filled the other top ten spots.

Free practice 1

011Renaud Kuppens1:40.538
0223Riccardo Ragazzi+0.625
0328Mathjis Bakker+0.880
0422Mikkel Mac+1.099
057Giuseppe Fascicolo+1.443
0635Mauro Calamia+1.519
0799Joe Becker+1.750
0866Fabio Venier+1.827
0941Alberto Cola+1.875
1031Damon Ockey+1.911
1114Adrien De Leener+2.215
1213Gianfranco Bocellari+2.740
135Andreas Segler+2.801
1477Harry Cheung+2.894
1532Ange Barde+3.061
1689Ryan Ockey+3.136
174Per Nielsen+3.546
1898Daniel Waszczinski+3.822
1933Patrick Byrne+3.994
2024Pierre Marie De Leener+3.998
2160Roberto Rayneri+4.051
222Javier Ibran+5.003
2346Mauro Cesari+5.085
2427Heinrik Hedman+6.325
2518Lino Curti+7.355
2634David Knobel+12.299
278Carlo Romani+18.178


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