Silverstone - GBR

The Trofeo Europa belongs to Kuppens


Kuppens, again could be the headline from an English tabloid. It would be an accurate description of the Belgian driver securing the European title for the second year running after the three races at Silverstone. Things didn’t get off to a great start for Kuppens: he was forced to retire from Race 1, two laps from the end, while in second spot. This left a sour taste in his mouth. Third place in Race 2 brought a scowl rather than the expected smile after he was slapped with a 25 second penalty that relegated him a position. It was the first ever penalty of his racing career. Still, he turned things round in Race 3 to take the win and secure the title.


Now with the Trofeo Europa in the bag, Kuppens is looking to add the world crown. He now has a 40 point lead over second-placed Mikkel Mac so things look good heading into Sonoma, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi.




Race 3 press conference
Renaud Kuppens (1° Overall, 1° Team): “It was difficult but I pulled it off: I managed to win on a circuit that was really hard to drive, even though I was in pole. It is not one of my favourites. For the first time this year victory came in the endurance race, perhaps because I didn’t have to spend any extra time in the pits".


A glass half-empty for De Leener
The Belgian was a bit disappointed as he hoped to finish higher at Silverstone.


Race 1 press conference
Andrea Cecchellero (1° Overall, 1° Trofeo): “The start was crucial: being up front into the first turn was important because I then just had to build up a lead without asking too much of the car or tyres. The track was dirty and dangerous and it was very hot.


14/07/2013 Silverstone

01Renaud Kuppens50'00.592
02Ange Barde+ 6"214
03Riccardo RagazziI/ Alan Simoni+ 23"096
04Mikkel Mac+ 38"155
05Adrien De Leener+ 39"437
06Alberto Cola/ Patrick Gobbo+ 47"358
07Fabio Venier/ Andrea Gardelli+ 51"627
08Mauro Cesari/ Brian Wong+ 52"167
09Pierre Marie De Leener / Cedric Sbirrazzuoli+ 54"729
10Giuseppe Fascicolo/ Andrea Cecchellero+ 1''1"021


14/07/2013 Silverstone

01Brian Wong31'23"050
02Alberto Cola+ 4"891
03Renaud Kuppens+ 5"729
04Mikkel Mac+ 6"275
05Mauro Calamia+ 7"007
06Alan Simoni+ 9"381
07Mathijs Bakker+ 12"308
08Giuseppe Fascicolo+ 43"909
09Daniel Waszczinski+ 46"375
10Andreas Segler+ 47"088


01Andrea Cecchellero31'15.950
02Mauro Calamia+ 7"961
03Riccardo Ragazzi+ 9"006
04Mikkel Mac+ 10"220
05Ange Barde+ 15"824
06Cedric Sbirrazzuoli+ 16"210
07Fabio Venier+ 23"017
08Mauro Cesari+ 24"746
09Patrick Gobbo+ 25"711
10Mathijs Bakker+ 26"267


13/07/2013 Silverstone

01Renaud Kuppens4'24"219
02Mikkel Mac4'24"860
03Ange Barde4'25"014
04Alberto Cola / Patrick Gobbo4'25"195
05Mauro Calamia4'25"385
06Giuseppe Fascicolo / Andrea Cecchellero4'25"474
07Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni4'25"669
08Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli4'26"322
09Mathijs Bakker4'26"410
10Mauro Cesari / Brian Wong4'27"630

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