Riccardo Romagnoli

Free practice

Jarama - ESP

Richard Denny 

AF Corse top free practice 2

20/05/2012 - Jarama
The Maserati Trofeo was as even as ever in the second free practice session, one run in warm sunshine. In the end it was the 2011 champions from AF Corse, Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna, who topped the timesheet with 1:39.253.

Again in second was Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Racing) .425 off the pace. The Belgian improved towards the end of the session to head the Venier/Gardelli duo, third in 1:39.941. Fascicolo/Sernagiotto came fourth as they bettered their performance in session one to finish 1"378 off the leaders.

Ragazzi/Simoni did really well to close out in fifth spot (1:40.782). They were followed, as in free practice, by Tiziano Cappelletti and Stefano Garelli (1:40.798). Alberto Vescovi (1:41.028) made seventh his own and covered only 13 laps rather than the 20 run by the others.

Andrea Dromedari (Swiss Team) took eighth ahead of Youssaf El Marnissi, once again in the top ten.

Free practice 2

0136Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna1:39.253
0299Renaud Kuppens+0.425
0366Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+0.688
047Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+1.378
0523Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+1.529
0651Tiziano Cappelletti / Stefano Garelli+1.545
076Alberto Vescovi+1.775
0811Andrea Dromedari+1.860
0937Youssaf El Marnissi+2.198
102Riccardo Romagnoli / Edo Varini+2.498
1135Ismail Sbai / Larbi Tadlaoui+3.388
1212Fabrizio Macchitella+3.549
1333Jaime Hernandez / Sergio Garcia+3.825
145Andreas Segler+3.854
1515Richard Denny+4.886
1634Alvaro Rodriguez Quiroga / Carlos Rodriguez Quiroga+5.476
174Fabio Debeaumont / Blumax+6.625
183Mads Rasmussen+7.295
1956Thomas Herpell+7.732
2010Bela Csiszer / Anita Toth+10.266
2114Pierre Marie De Leener / Adrien De Leener+10.444
2250Alberto Nicolucci+15.274

Riccardo Romagnoli / Edo Varini 

Romagnoli/Varini fastest in free practice

This morning's free practice session at Jarama officially opened the 2012 Maserati Trofeo season.

The outcome of the first 45-minute shakedown has highlighted just how close things are between the top drivers.

Quickest overall were Romagnoli/Varini, who stopped the clock at 1:38.687. In second came Renaud Kuppens (Konvex Racing), 0.167 back, with the Hernandez/Garcia duo placing third in the Bowers & Wilkins VIP car; the third-placed crew's time of 1:39.540 showed just how much their local knowledge counted for something. Fourth went to Alberto Vescovi (1:39,615), a driver who appeared in the first two Maserati Trofeo seasons and who recently competed in the Middle East Trofeo series. Behind Vescovi, 1"1 down, finished Andrea Dromedari (Swiss Team) with AF Corse's Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna next up. The AF Corse car was the first that failed to break the 1'40" barrier but their 1:40.245 was still enough, by a thousandth, to beat Venier/Gardelli into seventh. The eagerly awaited Fascicolo/Sernagiotto (1:40.432) took eighth while Moroccan Youssaf El Marnissi merits a mention for claiming ninth ahead of Alvaro and Carlos Rodriguez Quiroga.

Free practice 1

012Riccardo Romagnoli / Edo Varini1:38.687
0299Renaud Kuppens+0.167
0333Jaime Hernandez / Sergio Garcia+0.853
046Alberto Vescovi+0.928
0511Andrea Dromedari+1.155
0636Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.558
0766Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+1.559
087Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+1.745
0937Youssaf El Marnissi+2.230
1034Alvaro Rodriguez Quiroga / Carlos Rodriguez Quiroga+2.684
1123Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+2.834
1251Tiziano Cappelletti / Stefano Garelli+3.161
135Andreas Segler+3.589
1412Fabrizio Macchitella+4.400
1515Richard Denny+6.070
1635Ismail Sbai / Larbi Tadlaoui+6.553
1798Daniel Waszczinski+6.868
184Fabio Debeaumont / Blumax+8.658
1956Thomas Herpell+11.650
203Mads Rasmussen+11.800
2110Bela Csiszer / Anita Toth+17.760
2250Alberto Nicolucci+21.435
2314Pierre Marie De Leener / Adrien De Leener+6:37.355


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