Free practice

Shanghai - CHN

Renaud Kuppens 

Kuppens tops the timesheet

02/11/2012 - Shanghai
he second 45-minute session again saw Renaud Kuppens top the leaderboard, this time with a lap of 1:55.060.

Taking second spot was De Leener/Sbirrazzuoli, just 0.164 back, with Swiss driver Ange Barde in third. Venier/Gardelli claimed fourth, beating off Dromedari/Pigoli, Ragazzi/Simoni and Fascicolo/Sernagiotto.

Eighth went to Bakker (1:56.964) and ninth to Azcarate (1:56.989). Row five is shared by Thong/Lo and Australian Denny. Andreas Segler (1:58.132) took a fine twelfth in a car displaying a line from his favourite band, The Doors: “this is the end, my only friend the end”. The quote was fitting as this is the last round in the Maserati Trofeo season. Completing row six was Cheung. Next came De Leener and Nielsen, who really improved on his session one showing. At the back of the field came Lung, Forster, Chong/Alberto, Rasmussen, Ma/Yeung, Luk/Yu, Lim/Yap, Fung and Yu/Wei.



Free practice 2

0199Renaud Kuppens1:55.060
0212Pierre Marie De Leener / Cedric Sbirrazzuoli+0.164
0388Ange Barde+0.495
0466Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+0.500
0511Andrea Dromedari / Max Pigoli+1.098
0623Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+1.146
077Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+1.463
088Mathijs Bakker / Riccardo Romagnoli+1.904
0925Justino Azcarate+1.929
1038Shaun Thong / Eric Lo+2.022
1115Richard Denny+2.636
125Andreas Segler+3.072
1310Eric Cheung+3.759
1414Adrien De Leener+3.779
154Per Nielsen+4.430
1618Lung Yuk Siu+4.634
1728Guenther Forster+4.964
182Ringo Chong+5.296
193Mads Rasmussen+5.400
2098Philip Ma / Jacky Yeung+8.880
2117Andrew Luk / Yu Kam Cheong+10.145
2226Benny Lim / Gerard Yap+10.302
2360Billy Fung+15.301
2433Yu Qi / Wei Wang+18.470

Renaud Kuppens 

Kuppens sets out his stall

Renaud Kuppens was beaming at the end of the first practice session. His time of 1:55.312 saw him impose himself on his rivals at the Shanghai circuit in China. The Maserati Trofeo world title is up for grabs this weekend and Kuppens wants to add it to the European crown he has already secured. Behind him, 0.047 seconds back, is the Ragazzi/Simoni duo and in third, with a lap of 1:55.529, is the returning Ange Barde. Next up is Dromedari/Pigoli (1:55.776) and De Leener/Sbirrazzuoli. The other title challengers, Italians Fascicolo/Sernagiotto, took sixth in 1:55.954.

Another driver dipping under the 1.57 barrier was Mathijs Bakker, the pairing of Ringo Chong and Brazilian Carlos Alberto, and Venezuelan Justino Azcarate.
Posting 1:57.005 gave Australian Richard Denny tenth spot. He edged out Venier/Gardelli, Shaun Thong/Eric Lo, Philip Ma/Jacky Yeung, Segler and Tadlaoui.
On the provisional row eight finished Andrew Luk/Yu Kam Cheong and Guenther Forster. Eighteenth spot went to Eric Cheung with De Leener (Adrien’s father) behind him. Journalists Yu Qi/Wei Wang came next, ahead of Rasmussen Lung Yuk Siu and Billy Fung. The final two slots were filled by Benny Lim/Gerard Yap and Nielsen, after he had strayed off the track.

Free practice 1

0199Renaud Kuppens1:55.312
0223Riccardo Ragazzi / Alan Simoni+0.047
0388Ange Barde+0.217
0411Andrea Dromedari / Max Pigoli+0.464
0512Pierre Marie De Leener / Cedric Sbirrazzuoli+0.569
067Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto+0.642
078Mathijs Bakker / Riccardo Romagnoli+1.061
082Ringo Chong+1.276
0925Justino Azcarate+1.591
1015Richard Denny+1.693
1166Fabio Venier / Andrea Gardelli+1.781
1238Shaun Thong / Eric Lo+2.192
1398Philip Ma / Jacky Yeung+2.405
145Andreas Segler+2.502
1535Larbi Tadlaoui+3.445
1617Andrew Luk / Yu Kam Cheong+4.345
1728Guenther Forster+4.404
1810Eric Cheung+4.832
1914Adrien De Leener+4.873
2033Yu Qi / Wei Wang+4.936
213Mads Rasmussen+5.118
2218Lung Yuk Siu+5.180
2360Billy Fung+8.295
2426Benny Lim / Gerard Yap+10.047
254Per Nielsen+13.603


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