Race 2 press conference

Portimao - PRT

Giuseppe Fascicolo / Giorgio Sernagiotto 

Race 2 press conference

03/06/2012 - Portimao
Giorgio Sernagiotto (first): There was much more action in this race compared to Jarama.

"I made a little mistake at the start and dropped two places but kept my cool and tried to claw them back. Then, on lap one, I lost my bonnet and the car developed a lot of understeer. This was probably because the airflow broke up at the front end and this meant my speed fell in the straights. I waited to see what would happen between Simoni and Ghanem. In the end they clipped each other and Simoni had to pull out, which was a shame. I moved into second spot and then got past Ghanem. I then had a super-fast Romagnoli to deal with but I held him off, even with my car in dodgy shape.
The championship will come down to the wire. Racing alongside Beppe, who is slightly slower than me, we lose a bit of time in some sections compared to other crews. It is a great series and I hope that some of the drivers I have caught sight of here don't always drive so fast".

Riccardo Romagnoli (second):
The weekend got off to a good start with free practice but I had a problem in qualifying and had to start from the back. I spent the race playing catch-up and I went for it without really thinking about tyre wear. I managed to cause Giorgio Sernagiotto some trouble towards the end but he defended his position well. I am satisfied because I didn't think I would make that sort of comeback. In championship terms it is a great result. My partner did well yesterday and came seventh, even after starting down the pack, so we are in there fighting.
We line up in twelfth for Race 3. My startegy will be to hand over the car to my team mate as high up the field as possible. I hope that he can keep up the pace because he laps a tad slower than I do".

Joe Ghanem (third):
"I got off to a superb start and managed to overtake a few drivers, unlike yesterday when Cedric Sbirrazzuoli surprised us all on the outside of turn 1. I tried to stick with Simoni and looked to overtake. We touched and I honestly don't know if it was my fault. I pushed on until the end and am pleased with third. I was a bit nervy for my first race yesterday but feel more chilled today. The aim for Race 3 is to go on improving and come first, obviously...".

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