Tani Hanna improving all the time

Tani Hanna, improving all the time

At the end of the weekend's third race, Tani Hanna took the time to congratulate his friend Joe Ghanem on his second spot; last week the two paired up in the Trofeo Europa in Valencia.

Although the Lebanese driver, who competed in the Trofeo Middle East, was appearing at the Portuguese circuit for the first time, his times got better and better.

"Portimao is a truly amazing track and for a driver like me, who doesn't have any experience on European circuits, there were reasons to fear it. At the end of free practice I was asking myself what I was doing there because the circuit seemed really difficult. I even decided not to continue the session. I then realised that I had to take my driving to another level because the tricky thing here is the fact that the track rises and falls, something I am not used to. In the Middle East practically all the tracks are identical, apart from Dubai. Even so, it is nothing like this one".

In the end the step-by-step approach used to negotiate Portimao paid off.

"I slowly got used to the circuit and my lap times dropped from 2'01" to 1'57", which is a great result for me. To do this I opted to gradually increase my speed, becoming familiar with the car and without running too many risks because the circuit seemed a little dangerous".

In Europe and the Middle East, the Trofeo experience is always unique, with just a few differences.

"As ever, racing a Maserati is extraordinary and everything was organised perfectly. For sure, things are a bit different compared to the Trofeo Middle East where, thanks to the fact that everyone speaks the same language, friendships can be formed away from the track as well".

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