Press conference - Race 3

Infineon Raceway - USA

Press conference 

Press conference - Race 3

23/09/2012 - Infineon Raceway - USA
Renaud Kuppens (1st Overall, 1st Team): “This was my weekend. It is just disappointing that I didn’t make it to the finish after puncturing in Saturday’s race.

I really enjoy this circuit and think that I showed that: I was faster than ever. Yesterday (Saturday, ed) I was really down but have made up for it with these two wins. Even the atmosphere at this American circuit is amazing. Now all that is missing is the world title but I don’t really make predictions and will be taking things a step at a time. There are two races to run in China so: may the best man win!

Alex Popow (2nd Overall, 1st Trofeo):
For me being here and competing against drivers who have driven this car for ages was great. It wasn’t easy to drive at all. It is different to the other single-make cars because it isn’t fitted with ABS or traction control and this makes it harder to manage. It was a fantastic experience: I won the first race after Kuppens pulled out. I was quick but don’t really think I would have caught him so I tried to stick as close as possible. Then he had a puncture and I went on to win.

This morning I probably didn’t give my all because I don’t think the tyre pressure was the best. In the endurance race it was clear right away that I couldn’t stick with Kuppens. I opted to let him go and focused on keeping my tyres in good shape and keeping some space between myself and the driver in third place”.

Max Pigoli (3rd Overall, 2nd Team):
Unfortunately I didn’t have a tinted visor and messed up the two uphills because the sun was right in my eyes. I would like to congratulate the other drivers and my team-mate. I have experience in other championships and never imagined the standard of drivers in the Trofeo would be so high”.

Andrea Dromedari (3rd Overall, 2nd Team):
This race is the natural follow-on to yesterday’s. We came here looking to collect as many points as we could and we did it. Max did well to dig in over the latter part of the race when he was up against a really tough opponent. We head home in a good position overall. I would like to congratulate Kuppens and Popow as they were both uncatchable; superb!”.



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