Pre race comments

Salo: "I want to make up for Monza"

Mika Salo: “It is great being back in the Quattroporte Evo. I have some fantastic Maserati memories: in 2004 I was one of the drivers called up to drive the MC12 GT1 on its debut. Together with Andrea Bertolini, we won two out of our four races."

"I then came back in 2007 to partner Thomas Biagi for Vitaphone at Silverstone; we won that day too. The MC12 was a true track car while the Quattroporte Evo is based on a roadgoing model. Still, it is an excellent drive because of its balance. I am certain we can challenge at Spa as the circuit features some quick curves where balance is crucial and which I really enjoy. I also want to make up for Monza where I had to pull out with a mechanical problem when in second. I have a few ideas about how to improve the Quattroporte Evo’s set up and to even out the tyre wear for the entire duration of the race. I have kept in touch with the Swiss Team technicians even though I haven’t driven in Superstars since Monza and we are weighing up a few options for Spa. We have looked at the feedback from the drivers who have raced the car and come up with some solutions for the upcoming weekend. They are a secret for now...

Cesari: "Driving is better than commentating"

Mauro Cesari:
Finally I am back behind the wheel! I cannot wait to get back into my Quattroporte Evo. All I could do was watch at Hungaroring and that was really tough. Unfortunately, we had a problem with the car in free practice and it couldn’t be fixed in time to take part."

"As I missed out, Rai invited me on as an official commentator. It was a good experience but I would have preferred to have been out on the track because I have more fun in the Quattroporte Evo. I really have to enjoy Spa so that I forget what happened last year when the car I was in (from another manufacturer) caught fire. I suffered a few burns; one on my face. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I whacked my leg on a wall while watching from the pit lane and had to have four stitches put in. Now that is all behind me as I know that Swiss Team have done a superb job on my Quattroporte Evo and it is now 100% ready. I am also pleased that Mika Salo is back as a team mate because he really impressed me at Monza".