Comments after race 2

Spa - BEL

Cesari Mauro 

Comments after race 2

15/07/2012 - Spa
Salo: "A good third place but I could have won"

Mika Salo:I came third and finished on the podium but I am a bit disappointed because I honestly thought I could have challenged for the win. We didn’t think it would rain again and that the track would have dried out so I tweaked the tyre pressure on my car. Unfortunately, it did rain and the pressure turned out to be too low. In the first five laps especially, my Quattroporte Evo didn’t have enough grip and I had to give way to Liuzzi. Saying this, he did have a more powerful car that was quicker in a straight line. I tried to hit back towards the end but it started to rain again. What with all the spray kicked up by his car, I couldn’t pull into his slipstream because I couldn’t see a thing. So, third is a bit disappointing. I always race to win and finishing high up the field is never enough. I can’t even make up for it in the next race because I only appear in Superstars when invited to by Swiss Team. I hope I can drive in the last round, at Sentul, and win for Maserati”.

Cesari: "Our plan didn’t pay off"

Mauro Cesari:
I had nothing to lose. I was lining up in 17th and so tried to catch everyone out. The track was wet before the start but it wasn’t raining and the sky could have cleared. So, I opted to come in on the formation lap to mount slicks and start from the pit lane. As it turned out, it started raining and there was nothing we could do. Then the left hand tyre lost pressure and I had to come into the pits. It would have taken three minutes to switch to wet weather tyres, but, what with Superstars races being so short, it wasn’t worth it. It was a shame. The weekend was a bit of a let down because of the heavy rain that made the races a bit of a lottery; the amount of water on the track was ridiculous. I hope to make up for things in the next round”.


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