Comments after race 1

Spa - BEL

Cesari Mauro 

Comments after race 1

15/07/2012 - Spa
Salo: "I have never driven in such difficult conditions"

Mika Salo: "I have been driving for years but have never competed in such difficult conditions. These are the worst conditions ever. There was so much water on the track that I couldn’t see anything. There was also a real risk of aquaplaning. I tried to attack Ferrara but was forced to ease off because there was no way past: the car became impossible to handle as soon as I strayed off the racing line with all the water out there. There was just the one trajectory to take. Also, Ferrara never made any mistakes; he only slipped up a couple of times and didn’t really offer me a look in. I don’t think Race 2 will be any different: the forecast is for more of the same so I don’t expect to do any better”.

Cesari: "I was just out to stay out of trouble and I managed it "

Mauro Cesari:
"Let’s have a laugh: I won! Yes, it was a fine victory because I finished the race without causing any damage. It is easy to make a mistake or crash in these conditions on a technically demanding circuit like Spa. When I was chasing someone I couldn’t see a thing; just an outline. My wipers weren’t working that well and it was even hard staying in a straight line because I was aquaplaning. It didn’t make any sense racing in these conditions; maybe it would have been better to delay the race or have the safety car on for a few laps. However, television schedules mean that start times are fixed. In the end all I did was try to come through safe and sound. I hope that things improve for the second race with the conditions at Spa continually changing".


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