Comments after qualifying

Spa - BEL

Salo Mika 

Comments after qualifying

14/07/2012 - Spa
Salo: "My timing was off"

Mika Salo: "How much rain came down on Saturday?! Even with my all experience, these conditions made things difficult as I had never driven the Quattroporte Evo in the wet and I didn’t know the type of wet weather tyres used in Superstars. The work I had planned to carry out with the team went out of the window. I was out there getting to know the rain tyres but couldn’t tweak the car to my driving style at all; in any case, it wouldn’t have made any sense adjusting the set up with the conditions there were out there. The Quattroporte Evo is well balanced and competitive in the dry and I could have set a quicker time late on, when it was dry, but never managed to get the right tyres on at the right time; it was just a question of timing. In the wet the Audi RS5s have a huge advantage with their four-wheel drive. If we race in the wet, they will be uncatchable".

Cesari: "I only managed three laps in the dry"

Mauro Cesari:
"The conditions at Spa on Saturday were far from ideal for getting to know the circuit. I don’t know the layout because on my last time here my car caught fire in practice and I was ruled out of both races. I have to say that I still don’t know the track because I only covered three laps in the dry! The final three laps were run on a dry track, and this was where I was going for my fast lap, but I had Paolo Meloni to deal with. We both ended up overshooting Les Combes, just after the Kemmel straight, and so I couldn’t improve on my time. I have no reference points on slicks at Spa and I couldn’t test the set up. My Quattroporte Evo is still in good shape; the team has done an amazing job going over the entire car after the technical problem we had at Hungaroring. If the race takes place in the dry, I am pretty confident".


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