Comments after race 1

Mugello - ITA

Johnny Herbert 

Comments after race 1

03/06/2012 - Mugello
Herbert: "Power-sliding the Quattroporte Evo is amazing!"

Johnny Herbert: "It was a fantastic show! I really enjoyed it in the Quattroporte Evo on a mixed circuit like Mugello because I could make the most of the car’s agility and handling. I had a tight battle with Larini. I was right on the limit at times and I had to power-slide the car to stay in control. I never once thought I’d lose it because the car gives you superb feedback. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get past Andrea. In the mixed stretches I was faster but, in a straight line, his bigger-engined and more powerful car had the edge. An early crash meant that the safety car came on for three laps, leaving only eight for racing. Maybe with a few more laps I may have overtaken him. Talking of the accident, it really was a big one! It didn’t faze me though, because I was kind of expecting it. Before the race the team had told me that I had some hot-headed drivers alongside me on the grid and so I steered clear. I was on a stretch of track with good grip and visibility. Even though the crash happened right next to me, I came through unscathed".

Cesari: "I was caught in the pack but tenth is a good result"

Mauro Cesari:
"It is true that in the run-up my aim had been to qualify in the top ten to try to come in the first eight in Race 1. This would have meant starting in a good position in Race 2 as the grid order is based on the Race 1 finishers, only with the positions reversed. But, in qualifying, I didn’t get the best out of the tyres and classified only seventeenth meaning that I was in the bunch during the race. I had some slower cars ahead of me but ones that really stepped on the gas in the straights so it was impossible to get past them. This meant that I could not do better than tenth. The safety car coming on for three laps didn’t help either as it cut the amount of racing time. Considering the level of competition, it was a decent result. I improved as the day went on, kept up a high tempo and had a great fight with Francesco Sini and Paolo Meloni; Sini especially but he was just too quick in the straights".

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