Comments after qualifying

Mugello - ITA

Johnny Herbert 

Comments after qualifying

02/06/2012 - Mugello
Herbert: "It will be a tough race, there are eleven of us bunched in under a second!"

Johnny Herbert: "I couldn’t really have done any better, maybe I could have shaved a fraction off my time if I had used a second set of new tyres but I opted to save them for the race so that I run a new set in each event. We have the Quattroporte Evo set up nicely. I had a bit of annoying understeer when I started free practice but the team technicians managed to sort it out by setting up the car differently. The solution came after a chat with Mika Salo who drove the car at Monza in the season’s opening race. So, I had a great car to qualify in and I needed just four flying laps to set my time. I still think that tomorrow will be tough because there are eleven cars bunched within less than a second of each other. I was also amazed to see Gianni Morbidelli’s Audi RS5 tucked in behind me even though he was carrying a 100kg handicap and another 60kg after collecting two wins at Donington”.

Cesari: "I should have got more out of the new tyres"

Mauro Cesari:
"I honestly should have done a bit better. I began free practice with too much understeer then took my cue from Herbert’s set up. Things improved and, in qualifying, I made up lots of time on the leaders. Even so, I can’t deal with the shift from used to new tyres yet nor can I adapt quickly to changes in the car’s handling. This meant that I couldn’t get the most out of the fresh sets I had. Still, I have only been racing for a short while and this is my first year in the Quattroporte Evo. For me, the main thing now is to learn so I am pleased to be driving for Swiss Team, benefiting from very professional technicians, and alongside experts like Mika Salo, Christian Fittipaldi and Johnny Herbert who have alternated in the No.1 car".

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