Comments after race 2

Mugello - ITA

Mauro Cesari 

Comments after race 2

03/06/2012 - Mugello
Cesari: "I have never had so much fun"

Mauro Cesari: "I have never had as much fun as I had in Race 2. I am finally starting to ‘feel’ the Quattroporte Evo and am slowly getting to know it. It is not easy for me as I am 37 years old and this is my first season in a car as competitive as the Maserati. Being sandwiched between Liuzzi and Kristoffersson was tough but fun: if I tried to attack Vitantonio, Johan was waiting to pounce. I sniffed around looking for an overtaking opportunity but then held back because it would have been too risky overtaking Vitantonio in his powerful Mercedes. In straights and when accelerating he is impossible to catch. On the other hand, Kristoffersson didn’t cause me too much trouble. This was because the Quattroporte Evo’s set up and handling allowed me to defend my position. This is the first time I was able to get the best out of the car and now really appreciate the excellent brakes. I have never experienced anything like it since I started racing. In the past two seasons my cars haven’t been that competitive or reliable so I have only managed to finish six races in all".

Herbert: "What a pile up!"

Johnny Herbert:
"What a shame! Just as I was scheming to go on the attack in the second half of the race, Larini and Pigoli clipped each other and spun ahead of me. There was nothing I could do to avoid them. Pigoli’s car ripped off my front left wheel. It wasn’t scary but it was still a big bang. The car didn’t suffer any bodywork damage but my neck is a bit painful. I am ok, though. I probably missed out on another podium slot, after coming second in Race 1. I am certain I could have turned up the heat in the latter half of the race; with the Quattroporte Evo’s set up and balance, tyre wear is not so much of a problem. Up until the crash, I had things in hand and was saving the tyres for a final push. Still, these things happen on the track. I am disappointed for Swiss Team and Angiulli and Battistini, the engineers who worked so hard to provide me with such a competitive car".


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