Comments after race 2

Hungaroring - HUN


Comments after race 2

01/07/2012 - Hungaroring
Klien: "My Quattroporte Evo was perfect"

Christian Klien: "In all honesty I didn't expect to win Race 2. It is true that we improved as the weekend went on and so the result is deserved. I am pleased to have taken the Maserati to its first win of the season. I would also like to thank Swiss Team for all their hard work. I went on the attack right away, trying to move through the field and, above all, overtake the Mercedes ahead of me. I wanted to do this at turn 1 because it's higher top speed would have made it really hard to get past. I had to stay wide to brake late - it was the only space out there - and ended up on the dirt and then the grass. I slipped a few places but then everything went perfectly: my Quattroporte Evo was perfect. This was partly down to my rear tyre pressure being a little lower than in Race 1, something that gave the car excellent balance and that minimised tyre wear. I inherited the win after Zurcher's penalty but it would have been better if he had been told during the race, even though it was the right decision in the end. Not telling him during the race affected how the race went, the excitement levels and, obviously, the podium ceremony. I hope I can race the Maserati in Superstars again because it is a great, competitive series".


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