Comments after race 1

Hungaroring - HUN


Comments after race 1

01/07/2012 - Hungaroring
Klien: "What a start!"

Christian Klien: "I wanted to make a mark right at the start. I managed to climb up to second but was on the outside of turn one and had to give way. I had no choice and let Biagi and Michelisz through on the inside. From then on I couldn’t really match them because their BMWs are lighter than all the other cars out there. I couldn’t compete with Morbidelli’s four-wheel drive Audi as it had the edge in the second sector, with its fast esses, where my Quattroporte Evo’s longish wheelbase maybe held it up a touch. In sectors one and three, where there are wider curves, the Maserati was superb. I never had any problems with the tyres because the car is well-balanced: they held up through to the end. With Morbidelli retiring, I retook fourth. I think I will do better in Race 2 as the top eight places are reversed. I will attack again and fancy my chances even more”.


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