Comments after qualifying

Hungaroring - HUN


Comments after qualifying

30/06/2012 - Hungaroring
Klien: "We are in great shape for the race"

Christian Klien:I felt right at home in the car from Friday’s practice session. As none of the International Superstars Series teams had driven at this circuit before, having a longer session helped me get to know the car. I set the second best time in session two yesterday but in qualifying, on new tyres, I wasn’t as quick as everyone expected. All the drivers posted their best times on lap one whereas I had more front-end grip on lap two and three but, by that time, the rear grip had gone. This happened because the front tyre pressure was not perfect because of the heat. Even so, I am pretty relaxed going into the race as I have seen that the tyre wear is quite limited: the Quattroporte Evo is well-balanced and so doesn’t stress them too much. The car handles great and it was easy to handle from the off. I have enjoyed things so far and think I can do well. For sure, the Audis and BMWs will be right up there but I think that Liuzzi’s Mercedes, on pole, will suffer a lot of tyre wear”.

Cesari: "It will be really tough!"

Mauro Cesari:
"It is a real shame what happened in the second free practice session when the bevel gear gave out; it had only just been swapped and was practically new. It was a pity because we had clocked the sixth fastest time in Friday’s extended practice session so we were really competitive. In Saturday’s practice I mounted a new set of tyres for the first time this season because it would have allowed me to set the car up for qualifying. However, I knew something was wrong during the pre-practice lap and came back into the pits. I also missed qualifying. Starting from the back in both races is a real shame on a circuit like this where the Quattroporte Evo’s handling makes it ideal. What with the expected scorching temperatures – which should get up to 75° in the car – the races will be far from relaxed. I really will have to sweat!”

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