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16/05/2012 - Donington
Herbert: "I can’t wait to get into a Maserati again"

Johnny Herbert:I can’t wait to get into a Maserati again. The last time I drove a Maserati was in 2004, in the FIA GT, and the car was an MC12 GT1. I hope the Quattroporte Evo is just as good because I would really enjoy that. Obviously I am joking as the MC12 was created for the track whereas the Quattroporte Evo derives from a standard, road-going car that has only minor modifications. Still, I hope to have fun out there and maybe challenge for the win. Last year, in a rival car, the Quattroporte Evo scored a superb one-two at Donington as I came home second behind Bertolini. This year I would like to be the one who takes the win. Donington is a track made for the Quattroporte Evo. I remember that it was really tough trying to hang onto Bertolini in the mixed stretches last season, especially in tight curves where the Quattroporte Evo is light on its feet. I don’t think it will be a problem never having driven the car before but missing the first two rounds will, naturally, not play in my favour. Still, Donington is a track I know well: in 1986 I drove my first F3 race here and came fourth in 1993 in the only ever F1 GP held here; it was a great race. So, I want to be among the contenders this weekend and, maybe, win!”

Cesari: "I like Donington; I hope it doesn’t rain"

Mauro Cesari:
“Donington fascinates me. I have only raced at the track once, last year, but it is the type of circuit that I feel at home on. This is because it is pretty technical, demanding to drive and calls for more than just accelerating and braking. The only thing I am worried about is the rain as I have very little experience of driving on a wet track. I have only ever driven once in the wet, last season, and never in the Quattroporte Evo so I would prefer Donington to be dry. I also hope to do better in free practice so that I get to know the car a little more; I really have not spent that much time in it. At Imola we didn’t even test. If everything goes smoothly I think I could come high up the standings. My aim is to finish in the top eight in Race 1 so that I have a good shot at Race 2. This is because the starting grid is based on the Race 1 results but with the first eight places reversed. Doing this won’t be simple because the Maserati Quattroporte is hampered by its ballast and smaller engine intake flanges; we won’t be able to hold off the Mercedes in the straights. I hope that the race organisers take a look at the state of things and balance things up a bit”.


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