Comments after race 2

Vallelunga - ITA

Giancarlo Fisichella 

Comments after race 2

07/10/2012 - Vallelunga
Fisichella: "Zurcher created havoc and ruined my race"

Giancarlo Fisichella: “I was amazed at the 25 second penalty that I received at the end of the race following the clash with Zurcher. I am speechless! Camilo created havoc at the start: first he ran into Liuzzi and shunted him into me; luckily the car wasn’t damaged. Then he nudged me on the inside going into Semaforo. In my opinion, when we came together just after it was something you see all the time on the track. Even so, the officials added 25 seconds to my overall time and this relegated me to eleventh. I would have thought that Zurcher would have been given the ten-position grid penalty for the next race as he later pulled out but nothing happened to him and this was surprising. My race was over because a front wheel arch came off during our various clashes and this meant the front tyres were at different temperatures. This skewed the handling, especially when braking, and so I gradually lost touch with the leaders. Apart from this, I really appreciated the way Superstars is organised; everything worked well. The Vallelunga weekend was fantastic because of the number of supporters who came along to watch; I can’t ever recall so many at the circuit. The fans flooded into our pit lane area and, at times, it was hard to get through. It was great and we really felt at home. I hope I have another chance to compete in this series”.

Cesari: "I could have done without straying off the track"

Mauro Cesari: “I started well and got past two other drivers but then I ran off the track and, a few laps later, I skidded at Semaforo. The tyre pressure then started to affect me. At the start it was spot-on and I had lots of grip; then they got warmer, the pressure rose too much and the car became really tough to keep on the track because it was so slippery. I managed to come back towards the end and overtook Ascani after a long battle. If I hadn’t run off the track, something which made me twitchy, I could have finished higher, maybe even in eighth. Still, this is how it went and I am still pleased with the two races here at Vallelunga. Apart from the mistakes in Race 2, I drove consistently and set very competitive lap times. This means that I am improving”.

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