Comments after race 1

Vallelunga - ITA

Giancarlo Fisichella 

Comments after race 1

07/10/2012 - Vallelunga
Fisichella: "I drove well towards the end after the early chaos"

Giancarlo Fisichella: “I got off to an indifferent start because everything was happening ahead of me. This meant that I lost contact with the BMW that I was tracking. Keeping my tyres in good shape paid off as I was much faster towards the end of the race. Fortunately, having part of Liuzzi’s bumper stuck under my nose didn’t cause any problems. Everything went smoothly with my Quattroporte Evo. Starting on pole in Race 2 will give me an excellent chance to bring home a good result. It will be hard sticking to the Audis because they are uncatchable; still, I am counting on a podium finish. I really want to do well to repay the fans who came here to see me, what with Vallelunga being my home circuit. I really didn’t expect to see so many faces here! It just goes to show that Superstars is exciting and able to draw in the public, something that is quite a feat”.

Cesari: "What overtaking moves on Caldarola and Pigoli"

Mauro Cesari: “It was a good first race. The car was in good shape and didn’t cause me any problems. I was pacy throughout and had climbed three positions by the finish. It is a shame that we were held up at the start and later by Caldarola. It took a while to get past him, otherwise I could have finished a place higher. The overtaking moves on Caldarola and Pigoli, both in the hairpin, were great. In the one involving Nico, I crossed his racing line and overtook him on the way out; with Pigoli I outdid him in the braking. Once past I had a freer track ahead of me and started to set good lap times, so much so that my best was not far off the one set by Fisichella. I am pleased at the result because we weren’t very quick in qualifying and thought we might have suffered a bit in the race”.


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