Race 2 press conference - Trofeo

Vallelunga - ITA

Alessandro Pier Guidi 

Race 2 press conference - Trofeo

18/09/2011 - Vallelunga
Alessandro Pier Guidi (1st overall): “It seems incredible but every time I get into a Maserati GranTurismo MC I win. Maybe it is my good luck charm. It would be nice if things always turned out like this…”

Nicolò Piancastelli (2nd overall – 1st Trofeo):Today went well while yesterday I was forced out with a technical problem. It was a shame. Still, I am pleased with how the end of the season is panning out, even if David Baldi has secured the title. I got two good pole positions yesterday and think I drove well in the race. I started well, built a good lead and even the pit stop went without a hitch. I have never driven in a race like this before and so am happy at how it went. Seeing as I always dedicate my wins to someone, this one goes to my manager and to my grandfather, both of whom celebrate their birthdays around now. I would also like to thank my fiancé who paid me a surprise visit here at Vallelunga. As for the next round, I think that Gaetano and I will continue battling until the end, just like we have always done. There are still two races left and other prizes to aim for”.

David Baldi (4th overall – 2nd Trofeo): "I am astounded; I can't believe I have won the Trofeo. I am really, really happy. I won the title after collecting six wins and managing drop to the points at Spa, my unluckiest round, as the regulations allow. I would like to thank Maserati for giving me the chance to race on some of Europe's best circuits. Today at Vallelunga I was in a back-up car and still managed to bring home the result. This proves how the GranTurismo MCs are the same for all the drivers. This is one of the single-make series' important factors. I will be much more laid back in the last round at Mugello as it is my home circuit. I won't be trying to add up the points but just enjoying the event with my friends".

Gaetano Ardagna (5th overall – 3rd Trofeo):
“I lost the title yesterday when I was involved in a collision in the pit lane. Today I was really on the ball and managed to keep up a good pace. I take my hat off to Baldi; I am pleased he won. I never chase second or third spot as I always go for the win but I am happy for him because he deserves it. Nicolò was also quick in the race and so I would also like to pay my compliments to him”.


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