Race 1 press conference - Trofeo

Vallelunga - ITA

Alessandro Pier Guidi 

Race 1 press conference - Trofeo

17/09/2011 - Vallelunga
Alesandro Pier Guidi (1st overall): "I have to admit that this feels like my lucky car: every time I drive it I win. I hope this run continues."

"I am pleased at this success even though I raced as a guest and didn't pick up any points. It is always nice winning. It was a good fight on the track between Bertolini and me; we are rivals on the track but good friends off it. In truth, I was amazed to have beaten him: this time I was quicker; next time he will be. We all know how good Andrea is".

David Baldi (4th overall - 1st Trofeo): "I didn't expect this result after my qualifying times. This is a new type of race for us as 48 minutes and a lap is really long. You need to manage the brakes, tyres and lots more. When I came through the pit lane incident and found myself leading the category I focused on getting to the finish. I think I have taken a big step towards the title. I have been trying to manage a lead over the other drivers since the start and it is not as easy as it seems. It is pretty stressful. Today went well and I think experience played a role. Tonight I will think over lots of things like turn one and the race plan. Saying this, once you are out on the track, it is a whole different ball game".


Manuel Villa (6th overall - 2nd Trofeo): "I am surprised at this result. It came after my crash at Spa and on a track that is totally new. I got off to a decent start but then the brakes started playing up from lap 3. It was unlucky but not as bad as what happened to some other drivers who had to put up with lots of delays. A GT Cup car held me up in the pit lane. When Baldi came out, he was just ahead of me. I tried to take him but it was too risky with the condition my brakes were in. The guys in the pits flagged up a third spot and then a second so I am very happy at finishing on the podium in the Trofeo. My compliments go to Pier Guidi, who showed what this car can really do. It was tough lasting 50 minutes and you need specific training to do it".


Andreas Segler (9th overall - 3rd Trofeo): "It was a fantastic day, above all because I finished on the podium in Italy. It was a complete surprise finishing where I did".


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