Race 2 press conference, Trofeo category

Valencia - ESP

David Baldi 

Race 2 press conference, Trofeo category

04/09/2011 - Valencia
David Baldi (1st overall, 1st Trofeo): "It was a positive weekend seeing as how the classification has turned out. I am overjoyed with how the second race panned out: I made the most of being in pole to edge in front and then manage my lead all the way to the chequered flag."

"I was a bit concerned towards the end when I had a problem with the dashboard which, luckily, didn't affect the car's stability. The tyres responded well in the high temperatures recorded on this surface".


Nicolò Piancastelli (2nd overall, 2nd Trofeo): "A positive weekend even though I missed out on a win. I did come second in Race 2 but a win would have been even better going into the final two rounds. I didn't shine at the start. I lost ground to David Baldi and even though I had similar lap times to him, I couldn't catch him. I also felt drained towards the end which was something I didn't expect".


Gaetano Ardagna (3rd overall, 3rd Trofeo): "In all honesty, I thought I would get more from Valencia. There was the potential to do well but I had some braking problems that limited my driving, above all in Race 2 when I couldn't keep up with Piancastelli. I hope to do better at Vallelunga. There are four races left and the title is still up for grabs".


Joseph Ghanem: "I got off to a good start but made up so many places because the drivers ahead of me were a little slower. Both Sbirrazzuoli and I started from the back of the field but were able to quickly make up ground. When we were in fifth and sixth we started our own private battle.? Maybe I was holding him up at times in this part of the race but I think I was entitled to as I was ahead of him. However, trying to hold him off compromised my strategy, my brakes and my tyres. Still, I managed to pull away from Sbirrazzuoli and close in on Bakker, in fourth. We had an exciting duel even though my tyres were almost shot and he closed down my options well. Still, I am happy with how things went this weekend, in particular with yesterday's qualifying, apart from damaging the tyre. We shouldn't forget that I have a different racing background and very little GT experience. I was also pleased with my team mate, Hanna's, performance. We are preparing well for competing in the Trofeo Maserati".


Justino Riveroll: "This afternoon was like being at home in Venezuela. It was really, really hot. Even so, it was a great race but I couldn't keep up with the faster drivers; instead I battled it out with Jaime Hernandez for about six laps and then, seeing as I had built a lead over the guys behind me, I gave the car and tyres a rest. Even though it was tough, I prefer heat to rain, especially as I have no experience of racing in the wet".


Mathijs Bakker: "The heat didn't really bother me in Race 2. I managed to hold off Ghanem when he miraculously appeared behind me. The tyres were excellent and allowed me to drive consistently, above all from the halfway point on. I have to admit that, to start off with, I was taking the wrong line through one of the curves; I was much higher than I needed to be. By the time I worked it out the gap to the leaders was too big to bridge. It was an enjoyable weekend in which my performance improved with each session".


Mark Kroes: "Unfortunately, my car was too badly damaged after the crash in Race 1 and so I had to use the back-up. However, I couldn't settle into a groove in the car and, as well as this, I didn't want to cause any more damage. I was overtaken by five cars at the start but wasn't too downbeat and tried to mount a comeback. In truth, tenth is not what I was looking for nor was it within my range".


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