Gaetano Ardagna

Free Practice

Valencia - ESP

David Baldi  

Baldi makes a quick return

03/09/2011 - Valencia
The second free practice session was held on Saturday morning and differed from the usual Trofeo Maserati format. The change in the timetable was made by the organisers after the European Production Series event due to be held at Valencia's Ricardo Tormo circuit was cancelled.

In the second forty-minute session, held in glorious sunshine, overall Trofeo leader David Baldi came out on top with a time of 1:44.632. Baldi made up for Friday's session when he clashed with Waszcinski, ran of the track, and was forced to climb into the back-up car. The other drivers chasing the 2011 title were also on form with second going to Nicolò Piancastelli (1:45.338) and third to Gaetano Ardagna (1:45.635). All three top times were posted in the first ten minutes of free practice and were virtually unchanged up to the end. Behind the front three things changed constantly with Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna eventually getting the better of Lebanese duo Hanna/Ghanem and championship rivals, the Swiss Team crew of Durante-Grassi.


In seventh came Mathjis Bakker (1:47.084), who was quicker than his friend and fellow Dutchman Mark Kroes (1:48.308). Next came German Andreas Segler (1:48.591) and Spanish journalist Jaime Hernandez (1:49.071). Occupying eleventh was Justino Riveroll, who just edged out Daniel Waszcinski (from Konvex Motorsport). The De Leener family duel was won by dad Pierre Marie: 1:51.571 versus the 1:53.598 put in by his son, Adrien. At the back of the field were Bela Csiszer, Anita Toth and Carlo Romani.

Free practice 2

0123David Baldi1:44.632
023Nicolò Piancastelli+0.706
0390Gaetano Ardagna+1.003
0430Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.266
0544Tani Hanna+1.554
0636Davide Durante / Matteo Grassi+2.107
077Mathjis Bakker+2.452
088Mark Kroes+3.676
095Andreas Segler+3.959
1018Jaime Hernandez+4.439
1125Justino Riveroll+5.267
1237Daniel Waszczinski+6.726
134Pierre Marie De Leener+6.939
149Adrien De Leener+8.966
1511Berla Csiszer+11.127
1615Anita Toth+12.036
1726Carlo Romani+15.258

Gaetano Ardagna 

Ardagna quickest on the day

02/09/2011 - Valencia
Gaetano Ardagna scooped the final win just before the Trofeo Maserati took its summer break. Now, a month on from that last round at Donington, the Venezuelan was the quickest on the track in free practice at Valencia.

Ardagna posted a time of 1:45.442 to get the better of Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna (1:45.869) and Nicolò Piancastelli (1:45.970). Next up was Mathjis Bakker, fourth in 1:46.047 and Trofeo leader David Baldi, fifth in 1:46.534 after running off following a clash with Daniel Waszczinski. Luckily both drivers were able to walk away from the accident and the only hold up came when officials called for the cars to be heaved off the track. Sixth fastest was Dutchman Mark Kroes, who carried over the solid form shown at Donington (where he came fourth in Race 1 on his Trofeo debut).

In seventh was Andreas Segler, the barrister, in 1:47.005, Swiss Team's Durante/Grassi (1:47.125) in eighth, Spanish journalist Jaime Hernandez (1:47.180) ninth and Lebanese newcomers Hanna/Ghanem (1:48.667) in tenth. Justino Riveroll, also from Venezuela finished eleventh on the timesheet, just ahead of Waszcinski and thirteenth-placed Pierre Marie De Leener whose 1:52.750 saw him better the lap put in by his son, Adrien (16th in 1:57.748). Fourteenth and fifteenth came Anita Toth and Bela Csiszer; the Hungarian couple making a return after missing the last round in Maserati's single-make series. Bringing up the rear was Carlo Romani with 1:59.034.

Free practice 1

0190Gaetano Ardagna1:45.442
0230Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+0.427
033Nicolò Piancastelli+0.528
047Mathjis Bakker+0.605
0523David Baldi+1.092
068Mark Kroes+1.288
075Andreas Segler+1.563
0836Davide Durante / Matteo Grassi+1.683
0918Jaime Hernandez+1.738
1044Tani Hanna+3.225
1125Justino Riveroll+3.716
1237Daniel Waszczinski+3.761
134Pierre Marie De Leener+7.298
1415Anita Toth+11.841
1511Bela Csiszer+11.918
169Adrien De Leener+12.306
1726Carlo Romani+13.592


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