Post Race 2 comments

Spa - BEL

Andreas Segler 

Post Race 2 comments

26/06/2011 - Spa
Andreas Segler: "It was an odd race and one undoubtedly conditioned by the safety car".

Mathijs Bakker:I got off to a good start and was in fifth at Les Combes, after starting from seventh. The incident involving three cars saw me move into second place. Then I got distracted for a second and lost control of the car at the 180°. I was unlucky to end up on the grass and then had to wait for the all the other drivers to file past before tacking onto the back of them. I tried to push harder once the safety car came on because there was not long left and I wanted to finish on the podium. The things is is that I pushed too hard and spun again coming out of La Source. I am annoyed with myself because I was pacy (Bakker set the race’s second quickest lap, Ed) and feel that I threw away a good chance of making the podium. I hope to make up for it at Donington as it is a track I know well but one which is also technically demanding”.


Anita Toth:The second race went much better than the first because I felt more comfortable on a dry track. It was easy to make mistakes in the wet and this meant that I was always on edge. Today, however, I had fun out there but, I have to say, I prefer racing on tracks like Imola”.


Guenther Forster:Both races went well and I am pleased at the outcome. I started from the back of the field in the second race and was involved in some exciting overtaking and tight duels. All told, I was happy with how I drove”.


Bela Csiszer: It was a fantastic race and one where I was tracking Anita (his fiancé, Ed) quite closely. I couldn’t get past her because she drove really well. I have to congratulate her on the way she raced”.


Leonardo Maddalena: I managed to steer clear of the crash early on and, without a doubt, this helped my cause; it evened out having to start from the very back. Unfortunately, once the safety car had left, I couldn’t keep up with the others even though the car was in perfect shape. When Wauters spun right ahead of me I almost came to a standstill and this allowed Gugger to move into my slipstream. It was a close, clean fight and she did well to overtake me”.


Andreas Segler: It was an odd race and one undoubtedly conditioned by the safety car. I think I did well, overtook some of the other drivers, and had fun driving on a splendid track to take a great eighth place”.


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