Post Qualifying 1 comments

Spa - BEL

Andrina Gugger 

Post Qualifying 1 comments

25/06/2011 - Spa
Andrina Gugger: "I can’t complain about my position as it is my first time on this circuit and, to tell the truth, I don’t like the wet".

Alessandro Chionna: The results obtained after two days of practice can be taken in two ways. On the one hand I am pleased at how things have turned out so far because this is my first time at Spa, and it’s raining. On the other hand, I expected a little more. This is a tough circuit and it would have been better to have more experience on it. Unfortunately, what with sharing the drive and this being such a long circuit, I only covered a few laps. I reckon this is a negative. Still, the track is amazing: it is fast, technically demanding and has every kind of curve you could ask for”.

Nick Catsburg: "I have competed at Spa a few times and so I know the racing line quite well. The session was held in the rain and that didn't make things easy. I made a few mistakes early on and had trouble knowing how much brake pressure to apply. Then I tried to push on, taking a few risks in the fast curves, and managed to set my quick lap. I really felt at home in the Maserati GranTurismo MC Trofeo".


Andrina Gugger: “I am satisfied with how the first qualifying session went. I can’t complain about my position as it is my first time on this circuit and, to tell the truth, I don’t like the wet. Maybe I could have bettered my time by a second and a half”.


Bela Csiszer: Seeing as I have so little racing experience, this was another circuit I was making my debut on. I had been told that Spa was difficult and I did try to watch a few race videos but, I have to say, it was more complicated than I thought it would be. There are some points that are almost blind and so you have to lift off the gas to get the racing line right. The layout is fantastic. Until now my favourite circuit has been Imola but I think that by tomorrow night, once I am more confident taking on these curves, Spa will have taken first place in my personal standings”.


Raf Vleugels: I was a great experience and I am really pleased to by taking part in a Trofeo Maserati race. Spa is very demanding but it is a track I know well because I have happily raced here often. I managed to complete three fast laps in qualifying; on the others I was hampered a little. On the last lap it was raining and that made everything even trickier. I hope to have as much fun again tomorrow”.


Nicolò Piancastelli: It is incredible racing here at Spa but I would like to drive the circuit in the dry and, so far, it has rained. Even so, I can’t moan about taking third place in Qualifying 1 as it is a good result. It was also a pleasant surprise as I don’t usually like driving in the rain but I have been setting solid lap times here. I made a big mistake when I was going for my fast lap. At turn 14 I lost control of the car, spun, and only just missed slamming into the crash barriers. Luckily, the car wasn’t damaged. I didn’t let this faze me and tried to set my fast time on the very next lap but the splitter came free. This made the car vibrate and so I eased off”.


Leonardo Maddalena: I made a mistake on my best lap because I rode a kerb and lost control of the car. I spun twice and was fortunate not to end up against the barriers. Still, I managed to end up ninth even though I was hoping for something more. Spa is one of the world’s great circuits and one that every driver hopes to race on. The only downer is that it is ten degrees here and raining in the middle of summer…even so, this is what Spa is all about. The car was well balanced this morning and this meant that I could focus just on the driving. The fact that I finished just behind drivers with much more experience is positive”.


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