Manuel Villa

Free practice

Spa - BEL

Manuel Villa 

Villa comes out on top in the second free practice session

24/06/2011 - Spa
As in the morning session, more stop-start rain fell during the second free practice stint. The water made the track surface slippery but did not stop Manuel Villa from topping the timesheet with 2'55"494. The time was half a second up on AF Corse's Cedric Sbirrazzuoli.

Villa posted his time towards the end of the session when some sections of the circuit were drying out. Still, the time shows that the Albenga driver feels at home on the Belgium circuit and proves he can handle the car in low-grip conditions.


Nicolò Piancastelli (2'56"855) put in another fine performance and was the quickest driver for much of the session. Behind him came Venezuelan Gaetano Ardagna (2'58"703), taking on the 7003 metres of Spa for the first time. Next up is the Mathjis Bakker-Nick Catsburg crew; Catsburg also turns out in the FIA GT1 and European GT3 championships. Sixth, with a time of 3'00"104, is overall Trofeo leader, David Baldi; another driver appearing making his Spa debut. The Tuscan managed to edge out the first of the two women drivers racing in round four of the Trofeo Maserati: Swiss driver Andrina Gugger. Gugger's 3'00"643 was good enough to nudge home driver and leader singer of Belgian group Klouseau, Kris Wauters, into eighth. Wauters has competed in three Trofeo Maserati races in three different seasons.


In ninth is Leonardo Maddalena, making a return to Maserati's single-make series. Filling the other spots were Andreas Segler, Guy Fawe, Guenther Forster and Hungarians Anita Toth and Bela Csiszer. Adrien De Leener (the son of Pierre Marie, who took part at Imola) came fifteenth, with Carlo Romani behind him. Daniel Waszczinski did not turn out for session two after his morning crash.

Free practice 2

0124Manuel Villa2:55.494
0230Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+0.500
033Nicolò Piancastelli+2.070
0490Gaetano Ardagna+4.342
057Mathjis Bakker / Nick Catsburg+4.448
0623David Baldi+4.610
0765Andrina Gugger+5.149
0818Kris Wauters+5.865
0943Leonardo Maddalena+8.697
105Andreas Segler+11.534
1142Guy Fawe+14.069
1212Guenther Forster+17.829
1315Anita Toth+18.281
1411Béla Csiszer+21.845
154Adrien De Leener+22.697
1626Carlo Romani+29.013
1737Daniel Waszczinskinot classified

Nicolò Piancastelli 

Ardagna edges out Piancastelli in Free Practice 1

24/06/2011 - Spa
Judging from the lap times, it promises to be a hot weekend at Donington, England. With the sun peeking through the clouds, the fifth round of the Trofeo Maserati got off to a relaxing start with this morning’s free practice.

Venezuelan Gaetano Ardagna, second in the Trofeo standings, posted the best time of 1.37.815. This put him just .143 up on Nicolò Piancastelli, who also tails him overall.

The third best time (1:38.263) was set by the AF Corse pairing of Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna; the crew competes in the Team series. Next up was Leonardo Maddalena and then came Owen Mildenhall, the English journalist who is appearing as a guest and so does not collect any points. In sixth came the Durante/Grassi duo from Swiss Team.

Current Trofeo leader, David Baldi, clocked seventh; 1.536 down on top spot. His time nudged Bakker into eighth with Kroes (another guest) in ninth and journalist Roberto Giordanelli’s 1:41.066 good enough for tenth.

Riveroll, the Venezuelan making his debut, came next followed by Segler, Waszczinski (Konvex Motorsport) and the Renato and Mario Benusiglio crew (Team Renato Benusiglio).

Free practice 1

017Mathjis Bakker / Nick Catsburg2:53.182
023Nicolò Piancastelli+2.639
0324Manuel Villa+3.256
0423David Baldi+4.240
0530Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+5.201
0643Leonardo Maddalena+5.994
0765Andrina Gugger+7.881
0842Guy Fawe+8.971
0990Gaetano Ardagna+9.589
1018Kris Wauters+11.399
115Andreas Segler+11.477
1212Guenther Forster+16.414
1311Béla Csiszer+23.895
144Adrien De Leener+25.810
1515Anita Toth+25.995
1626Carlo Romani+28.798
1737Daniel Waszczinskinot classified


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