Post-Race 1 comments

Mugello - ITA

David Baldi 

Post-Race 1 comments

02/10/2011 - Mugello
David Baldi: “I arrived at Mugello, my home circuit, in a pretty relaxed frame of mind. I wanted to do well in front of my friends.

"I saw that they had set up a splendid banner for me on the main stand. As always seems to happen, though, home races left you down. I had a few problems with the car but tried to push on. I came into the pits and found out it was a problem with the left rear wheel. As it would have been risky to continue, I decided to pull out”.

Adrian Newey:
I had fun in today’s race, even though the tyres wore out quickly, something that is not uncommon in the world of racing. I didn’t alter my driving style at the start and maybe was too quick into the curves; from the halfway point on, I adapted my racing to the state of the tyres. This meant my times improved and I started jostling for position. I think someone stuck a target onto my rear bumper (laughing, Ed) because I was nudged a few times, which is annoying. I had to let a few Porsches through towards the end but I did enjoy it. Mugello is a fantastic circuit with plenty of quick, varied curves. I also like the track’s ups and downs. The section I like most is the Arrabbiate and Biondetti 1 and 2 because you need to be brave to really attack it. Compared to the Ginetta I raced in a while ago, the Maserati GranTurismo is more sophisticated and better balanced. The Ginetta is fun to drive but is technically different. Also, it is at its best in 15-20 minute races and so I wouldn’t use it in an event like this. The Trofeo atmosphere is really friendly. The drivers come to enjoy being on the track, not to act like Formula 1 stars. The welcoming weekend, the chance to socialise and the whole feel is just great”.

Francesco La Mazza (after Race 1):
"I was ahead of Newey and we clashed a few times. For me it is pretty common in this type of race but it was still a shame because I was quicker than at the start and was in fourth when the safety car came on. I then made a small mistake, because the brakes were cold: I misjudged San Donato and ended up in the sand. I finished the race in sixth place but am still pleased. The car is more fun to drive than last year. It is more punchy and the brakes are much better than in 2010. I hope I do well in Race 2". Joe Macari: "I had fun, even if it was a bit hot in the car. I tried to up the pace after La Mazza pitted but I had a tyre problem and dropped 2-3 seconds a lap. We then closed up after the pits stops. Later on a tyre went with the same problem. Still, it was a fantastic weekend. The car is much better; it is more fun to drive, faster and more stable. It is a step up on the one I drove before. It does everything you ask of it and for those starting out in racing, it really is the best. The Trofeo format is ideal for those who don't have much time to dedicate to racing; the hospitality is fantastic, the circuits are the best in Europe and the food is really tasty".

"Guenther Forster: "It was an amazing experience. I had loads of fun this weekend. Today was really tough; I have never driven two 50 minute races in one day and, as you can see, I am exhausted. However, the important thing is that I realised that even though my race lap times were quite far off those from qualifying, I managed to come through without incident. This was also true of the other gentleman drivers. There were a few slight contacts along the way, but nothing too serious. I have competed in about half the Trofeo races, the ones run on my favourite circuits, and have really enjoyed them. The whole Maserati atmosphere is fantastic and I hope that the Trofeo continues over the next few years. Maserati's history is founded on racing and this is why Andreas (Segler, Ed) and I am here".


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