Alessandro Pier Guidi

Free practice

Mugello - ITA

Andrea Bertolini 

Bertolini hits back in free practice 2

30/09/2010 - Mugello
Andrea Bertolini was the quickest on the track in the second free practice session held this afternoon at Mugello. The world FIA GT champion got the better of Alessandro Pier Guidi, beating his Swiss Team stable mate by almost four tenths.

Bertolini (1'56"825) and Pier Guidi (1'57"277) set the eighth and ninth best times overall. Next came David Baldi and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (who races alongside Alessandro Chionna), the winners of the Trofeo and Team classifications, respectively, set consistently good lap times. Nicolò Piancastelli and Gaetano Ardagna filled the virtual third row; the two again posted lap times that were very close to each other and seem set to put on a tight battle in tomorrow's qualifying.

Francesco La Mazza once more put in a great lap to earn a place on the next row alongside the Swiss Team duo of Durante/Grassi. Tucked in behind them is the Venier/Gardelli pairing and the Sabatini/Remondino crew. In eighteenth spot is Villa, who bettered the times put in by Frazza and Adrian Newey, competing in his first Trofeo event. Olivier Doeblin, Franco Gallina, Andreas Segler, the Ramacci/Carbone duo, Guenther Forster and Adrien De Leener filled the remaining timesheet places.

Free practice 2

0133Andrea Bertolini1:56.825
0246Alessandro Pier Guidi+0.452
0323David Baldi+1.652
0430Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.977
053Nicolò Piancastelli+2.144
0690Gaetano Ardagna+2.279
0727Francesco La Mazza+3.570
0836Davide Durante / Matteo Grassi+4.487
0938Fabio Venier+4.502
1018Alberto Sabatini / Sergio Remondino+4.561
1124Manuel Villa+5.012
1214Tiziano Frazza+5.303
1340Joey Macari / Adrian Newey+5.634
1435Olivier Doeblin+5.657
1541Franco Gallina+8.158
165Andreas Segler+8.361
176Claudio Ramacci / Pietro Carbone+11.940
1812Guenther Forster+15.835
199Adrien De Leener+19.206

Alessandro Pier Guidi 

The Pier Guidi – Bertolini duel continues

30/09/2011 - Mugello
The first free practice session was held today at Mugello during the last round of the Trofeo Maserati, the series that crowned its champions in the last event at Vallelunga.

The final round will again see the Maseratis share the tracks with the Italian GT championship entrants. At the end of the fifty-minute session, the fastest on the track was Alessandro Pier Guidi (1’57”989), eighth overall, ahead of Andrea Bertolini (1’58”523). The two seemed intent on continuing their personal battle from Vallelunga two weeks ago.

Behind them came Nicolò Piancastelli (1’58”767), who was the quickest of the Trofeo drivers. The young driver from Romagna beat off Gaetano Ardagna (1’59”015) and Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (1’59”142), the first of the Team drivers who appears for AF Corse. Fifth went to newly-crowned champion David Baldi as he edged out Francesco La Mazza, making a return in the Maserati after turning out in 2010. Completing the virtual fourth row was Swiss driver Fabio Venier, ahead of Joe Macari. The Englishman has competed in the Trofeo in the past and will be racing at Mugello this weekend alongside a special guest: F1 designer and engineer Adrian Newey; Newey’s Red Bull team is this year dominating F1.

Behind Macari came the duo of Alberto Sabatini and Sergio Remondino, director of Autosprint magazine. Manuel Villa took tenth after a difficult session affected his lap times. In behind the driver from Albenga came Oliver Doeblin (Scuderia Jolly Club), Andreas Segler, Tiziano Frazza (also making a Trofeo return), Guenther Foster, Franco Gallina, Claudio Ramacci and Adrian De Leener.

Free practice 1

0146Alessandro Pier Guidi1:57.989
0233Andrea Bertolini+0.534
033Nicolò Piancastelli+0.778
0490Gaetano Ardagna+1.026
0530Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.153
0623David Baldi+1.536
0727Francesco La Mazza+1.924
0838Fabio Venier+2.706
0940Joey Macari / Adrian Newey+3.049
1018Alberto Sabatini / Sergio Remondino+3.796
1124Manuel Villa+4.126
1235Olivier Doeblin+5.189
135Andreas Segler+5.566
1414Tiziano Frazza+6.073
1512Guenther Forster+8.178
1641Franco Gallina+9.772
176Claudio Ramacci / Pietro Carbone+11.939
189Adrien De Leener+20.362


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