“This car is like Nadal: number 1”

Jimmy Ghione

“This car is like Nadal: number 1”

He gets noticed. Everyone stops him to say hello or ask for a picture or autograph and he always obliges with a smile.

Jimmy Ghione, from Striscia la Notizia, has taken up the cause of many a citizen and is a long-time friend of Maserati.

Exactly. I took part in the Trofeo a few years ago alongside the director of Autosprint: I remember the rain really coming down that day at Mugello (in 2006, ed). I was just starting out and, since then, I have raced quite a lot and now I am back in a Maserati. The difference is incredible and I have been pleasantly surprised”.

How do you think yesterday’s free practice went?

I went as I expected it to: the GranTurismo MC is a really high-performing car with almost 500 bhp. You have to be careful in it; you have to tame it and understand it. I am happy with how things have gone up to now and hope to do even better. It’s like tennis: the more you play, the more you learn. Extending the tennis theme, let’s just say that this car is like Nadal: number 1”.

Where does your passion for sport come from?

I have always done a lot of sports: downhill skiing, windsurfing, motocross; crazy things like that. Then a few friends dragged me onto the track. I liked it and competed in the odd end-of-year event until a few months back when I started racing every Sunday. My wife is not too pleased as, what with work and racing, she sees very little of me…

“My wife advised me to take up golf so that we could get some fresh air so I told her that the Monza circuit is built in a park! She wasn’t convinced… Joking aside, luckily my family supports me, partly because they know that Striscia is quite stressful and so sport, for me, is a way to unwind

Would you like one day to see your children competing on the track?

Given the activities and sports I practise and the scars picked up along the way, the words and concerns of my mother come to mind and so I would prefer it if they played tennis or golf… Still, they have to live their own lives and make their own choices”.

Will we be seeing you in the Trofeo again?

“I would like that because this is a great environment. I have got on with everyone from the mechanics and chefs to the management. They are all very professional and would never be presented with the Tapir (from Striscia, ed)

Do you have a message for the youngsters out there?

You should only go fast in a car on the track! Slow down on the roads: life is precious. Speeding won’t get you any girls”.


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