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Hungaroring - HUN

Janos Vida 

Post qualifying comments

04/06/2011 - Budapest
Norbert Kiss: “I honestly did not expect to be so fast, even though I have been quick since free practice”.

Gaetano Ardagna:
"It was a tough qualifying session. At the end of each session I come away from the track having improved by a second. This happened again today: the difference between session one and two was 1.2 seconds. I am happy with the result but know that tomorrow’s two races will be difficult. The heat we have had to deal with will also play a role. I think to do well here you have to use the whole track, riding the kerbs but doing it without damaging the car. The two leading Hungarians are really quick but have the advantage of being on their home track, one they know very well".


Andrina Gugger:
"It was really hot today and we really felt it in the car. It is my first time at this track and it is a demanding one. It is difficult to give everything in just one lap. I could have done better in qualifying: I had the chance to improve my time by at least seven tenths. Still, I cut my free practice time by two seconds and hope to continue improving".


Norbert Kiss:
"I honestly didn’t expect to be so fast, even though I have been quick since free practice. I am really pleased because I managed to better my times while running only a few laps. I have to thank the entire team who helped me a lot”. Janos Vida: “I am happy at how the first session went but let myself down with the mistake I made in session two. I could have done better. In all, I am satisfied. Tomorrow I will try not to get in the way of the title contenders as I am here as a guest and don't want to interfere with the title race".


Nicolò Piancastelli:
"I am happy at how it went because I claimed some category points for taking pole position. In the first qualifying session I chose to save the tyres for tomorrow once I had settled into a rhythm. I was quite relaxed because the drivers ahead of me are not taking part in the Trofeo. In session two I tried to push on and improve my time but didn’t manage it. Kiss did really well and seems to be out on his own. My performance was surprising. I have never raced at the Hungaroring before but I felt at home from the off".


Matteo Castiglioni:
"I think today was an improvement on free practice. There was a bit of traffic on the track in the two qualifying sessions and I am not too pleased with how the sessions turned out. I will use tomorrow’s races to get to know the car".

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli:
"I set a quicker time in qualifying than I did yesterday. Unfortunately, I was slowed down by a back marker on my best lap. It was no big deal because I might have improved a little but would still have been way off Kiss. I can’t understand how he shaves the time off; how his times are so low. I tried to keep the tyres in decent shape for the race as anything could happen tomorrow. As things stand, I am hoping for a bit of rain to even things out a bit. The important thing will be to collect as many points as possible so that we build up as big a lead as we can over our closest rival (Olivier Doeblin from Scuderia Jolly Club, Ed), who isn’t here at Budapest".


Andreas Segler:
"Qualifying went well. I ran only a few laps to preserve my tyres for tomorrow. I really like the circuit but it is a difficult one with the constant changes of direction. The car is stunning and great to drive. I would like to say ‘Hi’ to Vincenzo, my mechanic, as he can’t be here this weekend because his son was born a few days ago. The least I could do was dedicate a message to little Lorenzo on the bonnet of the Maserati. Vincenzo, as well as being a fine mechanic, is a fantastic person".


Davide Durante:
"I made the mistake of coming out too early for Qualifying 1. When I came back in I was in fifth but slipped back to tenth by the end of the session. I didn’t make the same error in session two and finished seventh. I could probably have done even better but braked late at the chicane and threw away a lap on which I was around two tenths faster. The consolation is that the tyres will be ready for tomorrow. I am confident going into the race as I have been consistently quick and feel at home in the car and on the track. I like Hungaroring because it never gives you a second to relax; it is narrow and physically testing. Today, with new tyres, I managed to improve my lap times a lot and think they will come down even more when some rubber has been put down on the track".


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