Post Race 2 comments, Trofeo

Hungaroring - HUN

Sabino De Castro 

Post Race 2 comments, Trofeo

05/06/2011 - Budapest
Béla Csiszer: “I am proud to have had the chance to drive in front of my home crowd; it is a dream come true for me.”

Sabino De Castro:

“Because of the high track temperature, the circuit dried out pretty quickly after the sudden downpour. I managed to stick to the leading group at the start, everyone apart from Kiss that is, who seemed to be on another planet. We were all bunched up together in terms of times and all ready to make the most of any mistake. As a guest I tried to stay with the group while also doing my best not to get in anyone’s way. I tried to get past David Baldi on the outside of turn 1 but my tyres strayed onto the wet part of the track and I spun. I tried to accelerate straight away to face the right way but the engine died. As I am not used to the Trofeo controls I took a while to get going again and I lost precious time. It was a positive weekend but I was disappointed not to place the Radio MonteCarlo car on the podium again. I would like to thank all the Maserati staff for the excellent organisation and warm atmosphere in the hospitality tent”.


Alessandra Neri:

“I got off to a good start in both races but couldn’t find the space I needed in turn 1. In Race 2 I had some room on the outside but I was nudged towards the edge of the track and onto the synthetic turf. After the rain, this was very tricky to get out of and I had to lift off the gas. Still, the lap times were good, above all if you consider that I had to learn everything about the car and the track. I set some decent intermediate times but could not string them together in one good lap. For me, this means that there is lots of room for improvement. Even if the track is short, with lots of turns, it is technically demanding. There is more than one possible racing line and, I have to admit, I still have to find out which are best for which sections. Going back to the race, I pushed hard until the end even though a back marker slowed me down and caused me to slip a few places. It is not a problem though because I am not going for the title. What is more pleasing is that my performances gradually improved as I got to know the car. The tussles with Smurra characterised both races: in Race 1 I almost damaged a tyre and nearly didn’t finish while, in Race 2, I pre-planned the move and was satisfied when it came off”.


Andrina Gugger:

“It really was tough out there on a track where you are always on the limit, in terms of the driving, the physical aspect and the tyre wear. I am happy at having raced here and even happier now that it is over. I started cautiously in Race 1, maybe too cautiously because I lost four places. Things improved in Race 2 where I only slipped two positions. This meant that I had to mount a comeback and, overall, I am pleased with how it went”.


Davide Durante:

“In Race 1 I was ahead of Baldi and Ardagna so I could have finished on the Trofeo podium. Unluckily, the brakes were on their limit and this sent me into a spin. I fell back behind Ardagna and Baldi but felt I had the pace to catch them again. Unfortunately I pressed a bit too much and ended my race by running into the barriers. The crash was the reason I started slowly in Race 2 but then I felt more confident as the laps went by. I chased down Baldi but the chequered flag didn’t give me the chance to overtake. I am satisfied with how the weekend went as it was only my second time in the car after Monza, where I shared the drive with Matteo Grassi”.


Béla Csiszer:

“I am pleased to have not finished last and, in all, am very happy with my performances here. I had a lot of fun and this is why I chose the Trofeo. I am proud to have had the chance to drive in front of my home crowd; it is a dream come true for me. The crowd was magnificent. It was an extraordinary atmosphere”. Matteo Castiglioni: “It was a great race even though I had issues with the brakes from lap 6 on as it took longer and longer for me to slow down. So, I had to defend throughout, first from Vida, then Gugger and finally from De Castro. It was hard but I enjoyed it”.


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