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Free practice

Hungaroring - HUN

Norbert Kiss 

Kiss doubles up in Free Practice 2

03/06/2011 - Budapest
Norbert Kiss topped the timesheet in the second free practice session with a time of 1'57"608. The second session was run in better conditions, with the track temperature at 35°C and the air temperature a touch hotter, but the lap times were generally slower.

The drivers’ performance was compromised by tyre wear, especially towards the end of the session, and this meant that they could not improve on their earlier times. Behind Kiss came Janos Vida (1’58”316), a journalist during the week and driver at weekends. The Hungarian writes for Auto 2 and put his local track knowledge to good use on what was his Trofeo debut.

Nicolò Piancastelli (1’58”495) came a brilliant third and was one of the few drivers able to improve on session one. The young driver from Romagna eclipsed Belgian Renaud Kuppens (1’58”618) who drove well but struggled with his tyres at the end. On the virtual third row came David Baldi (1’58”672) and Phil Bastiaans (1’58”766); both were on form and will be among the contenders tomorrow. Next up, just like in the opening session, came Gaetano Ardagna (1’59”235) and the AF Corse pairing of Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna (1’59”331). Rounding off the top ten was Sabino De Castro (1’59”624), who really upped his time, and Swiss driver Davide Durante (2’00”020).


Eleventh-placed Andrina Gugger made progress while Emanuele Smurra still appeared to be having problems getting to grips with the circuit. Alessandra Neri also had trouble but hers was down to the lack of grip on her tyres. The young Italian, making her first appearance in the category, is still confident going into tomorrow’s Qualifying. The last two rows were filled by Andreas Segler, Adrienn Bende (who won’t be racing), and by the on and off-track couple of Béla Csiszer and Anita Toth.

Free practice 2

0139Norbert Kiss1:57.608
0214Janos Vida+0.708
033Nicolò Piancastelli+0.887
0437Renaud Kuppens+1.010
0523David Baldi+1.064
0631Phil Bastiaans+1.158
0790Gaetano Ardagna+1.627
0830Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+1.723
0918Sabino De Castro+2.016
1055Davide Durante+2.412
1165Andrina Gugger+2.885
1236Emanuele Smurra+3.392
1343Alessandra Neri+3.710
1469Matteo Castiglioni+3.774
155Andreas Segler+5.208
1619Adrienn Bende+7.823
1711Béla Csiszer+10.121
1815Anita Toth+15.783

Norbert Kiss 

Kiss starts off on the right foot

03/06/2011 - Budapest
Norbert Kiss dominated the opening free practice session at the Hungaroring. The young, fast Hungarian made the most of his inside knowledge of the track to clock 1'57"050; 1"2 seconds faster than his closest rival.

The sun unexpectedly came out during the session, making it easier for the drivers to get to know the layout; this is the first time the Trofeo has been run on the 4381 metre circuit. Behind Kiss came the usual duel seen in the European GT4 championship between Kuppens and Bastiaans. This time the Belgian (1’58”277) got the better of the Dutchman (1’58”326) by a few thousandths.

Tucked in behind them was a 'solid' David Baldi (1’58”711). Baldi was the quickest Trofeo driver as the top three compete in the Team series. The Trofeo leader edged out his toughest opponent in Nicolò Piancastelli (1’58”824). Just four tenths off the two Trofeo men was Swiss driver Davide Durante (1’59”155), making his Maserati debut, and Gaetano Ardagna (1’59”159). AF Corse duo, Cedric Sbirrazzuoli and Alessandro Chionna, took eighth in 1’59”298, with Sabino De Castro, a guest in the Radio MonteCarlo car in ninth and Emanuele Smurra, appearing for Swiss Team as a substitute for Lorenzo Casé, coming next.

The virtual sixth row is occupied by Alessandra Neri, making her debut, and Andrina Gugger. Gugger drove well enough on the technical Budapest track to show she had got over her crash at Monza. Bringing up the rear was Matteo Castiglioni, Andreas Segler, Béla Csiszer and Anita Toth.

Free practice 1

0139Norbert Kiss1:57.050
0237Renaud Kuppens+1.227
0331Phil Bastiaans+1.276
0423David Baldi+1.661
053Nicolò Piancastelli+1.774
0655Davide Durante+2.105
0790Gaetano Ardagna+2.109
0830Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+2.248
0918Sabino De Castro+3.964
1036Emanuele Smurra+4.239
1143Alessandra Neri+4.284
1265Andrina Gugger+4.465
1369Matteo Castiglioni+5.009
145Andreas Segler+6.412
1511Béla Csiszer+14.942
1615Anita Toth+20.668


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