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Donington - GBR

Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna 

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16/07/2011 - Donington
Cedric Sbirrazzuoli (AF Corse): "It went really well. I wanted to get another pole like at Spa and I managed it.

"I didn't feel comfortable yesterday because I had a few problems with the brakes but we managed to sort them out. Now the car handles much better in the dry, even though I was hoping for rain. This is my first time at Donington and it is not one of my favourite circuits. I have high hopes for tomorrow as, at the end of the day, the race counts more than qualifying. I will be aiming for a win, just like at Spa and Monza, to keep hold of the lead in the Team series".


David Baldi: "In truth I am a bit down because I haven't been able to perform as well as I would have liked over the past few races. I sorted out a slight problem with the brakes and we saw the difference in Q2. Who knows what will happen. Maybe the secret is to keep calm when behind the wheel and let the car take care of things. This time the Maserati really did take control and I am eternally grateful. Tomorrow, I will be starting down the pack in Race 1 and lining up on the third row at Donington is not easy. In Race 2 I will be on pole and that is satisfying, especially as I have taken a point off Ardagna overall".


Gaetano Ardagna (2nd overall in Q1 and in Q2): "I am really pleased at sealing a front row spot for both races. There was a bit of traffic out there in both sessions, especially on the fast lap in Q2, and I dropped a few tenths. Still, I kept my tyres fresh for tomorrow's races which I think will be very tough".


Nicolò Piancastelli (3rd overall and 2nd in Trofeo in Q1 - 3rd overall and in Trofeo in Q2): "I am a bit annoyed with Q2. I made a few mistakes in the first session but then made a big one later on and this cost me the tenths that would have put me on the front row. Still, the important thing will be to do well tomorrow and I am feeling confident".


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