Gaetano Ardagna

Free practice

Donington - GBR

Manuel Villa 

Ardagna, Piancastelli and Baldi; within five tenths of each other

15/07/2011 - Donington
The times and performances improved in the second free practice session at Donington, as the gaps between the drivers came down.

A shade over five seconds separate Ardagna, who set the top time of 1:37.475. Just .110 back is Piancastelli with David Baldi in third after improving by over a second to set 1:38.002.


Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna, from AF Corse, drove consistently to finish fourth in 1:38.036. The pairing bettered the times set by Mildenhall, Bakker, Kroes and Maddalena, in that order. Ninth quickest was the Swiss Team crew of Durante/Grassi, in 1:39.888, as they edged out debutant Riveroll and journalist Giordanelli.


Segler set the twelfth fastest time and the Benusiglio brothers performed much better this time round to finish ahead of Daniel Waszczinski from Belgian team Konvex Motorsport The sun shone as the session came to a close but the weather outlook is not so rosy. The forecast hints at rain and that could be a crucial factor in qualifying and in the races.

Free practice 2

0190Gaetano Ardagna1:37.475
023Nicolò Piancastelli+0.110
0323David Baldi+0.527
0430Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+0.561
0518Owen Mildenhall+0.770
067Mathjis Bakker+0.930
078Mark Kroes+1.727
0843Leonardo Maddalena+1.947
0936Davide Durante / Matteo Grassi+2.413
1025Justino Riveroll+3.008
1119Roberto Giordanelli+3.857
125Andreas Segler+3.945
1332Mario Benusiglio / Renato Benusiglio+4.229
1437Daniel Waszczinski+4.359

Nicolò Piancastelli 

Ardagna edges out Piancastelli in Free Practice 1

15/07/2011 - Donington
Judging from the lap times, it promises to be a hot weekend at Donington, England.

With the sun peeking through the clouds, the fifth round of the Trofeo Maserati got off to a relaxing start with this morning’s free practice.

Venezuelan Gaetano Ardagna, second in the Trofeo standings, posted the best time of 1.37.815. This put him just .143 up on Nicolò Piancastelli, who also tails him overall.

The third best time (1:38.263) was set by the AF Corse pairing of Sbirrazzuoli/Chionna; the crew competes in the Team series. Next up was Leonardo Maddalena and then came Owen Mildenhall, the English journalist who is appearing as a guest and so does not collect any points. In sixth came the Durante/Grassi duo from Swiss Team.

Current Trofeo leader, David Baldi, clocked seventh; 1.536 down on top spot. His time nudged Bakker into eighth with Kroes (another guest) in ninth and journalist Roberto Giordanelli’s 1:41.066 good enough for tenth.

Riveroll, the Venezuelan making his debut, came next followed by Segler, Waszczinski (Konvex Motorsport) and the Renato and Mario Benusiglio crew (Team Renato Benusiglio).

Free practice 1

0190Gaetano Ardagna1:37.815
023Nicolò Piancastelli+0.143
0330Cedric Sbirrazzuoli / Alessandro Chionna+0.448
0443Leonardo Maddalena+0.975
0518Owen Mildenhall+1.264
0636Davide Durante / Matteo Grassi+1.283
0723David Baldi+1.536
087Mathjis Bakker+1.613
098Mark Kroes+2.618
1019Roberto Giordanelli+3.251
1125Justino Riveroll+3.301
125Andreas Segler+4.532
1337Daniel Waszczinski+5.443
1432Mario Benusiglio / Renato Benusiglio+7.959


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