Trofeo Racing Academy

Maserati Trofeo Racing Academy

The Maserati Trofeo Racing Academy project is the maximum expression of the Maserati driving course.

The professional programme that prepares drivers for competition can culminate in participation in the Maserati Trofeo as the course aims to teach participants how to drive safely while also improving performance.

Up to 12 places are available, divided into two categories:

a) “experts”: for drivers who already compete at various levels and have some knowledge of the dynamics of a GT race car. Included in this group are also those drivers who have frequented the Master Maserati courses (at HP & MC levels).

b) “beginners”: participants who have never raced nor taken any sports driving courses but who want to gain experience of the Maserati racing world. Those who enrol should have at least some driving experience on high performance roadgoing cars. (Master Maserati GT).

Participants should hold a medical certificate that declares their fitness and physical suitability for a sports driving course.

The course is based on 2 days, held during the preliminary Maserati Trofeo test sessions, and includes:

a) Theory sessions aimed at preparing entrants for all aspects of a race (Total 4 hours):
b) Practical sessions defined as Warm up – Performance - Race (Total 8 hours).

The programme is based on chrono sessions on track, integrated with personalised telemetry analysis, which allow participants to gradually improve their technical ability by becoming more familiar with the car and learning to sense its dynamic limits. The Maserati Racing Academy can be completed with a specific test that allows drivers to race in cars over 2.000cc, as required by the NSA (CSAI) for competing in the Maserati Trofeo.

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