Statements after race 1

Vallelunga - ITA

Andrea Bertolini 

Statements after race 1

09/10/2011 - Vallelunga
Bertolini: "Another 45% is in the bag!"

Andrea Bertolini:After the 10% earned in qualifying, we have now added another 45% and are on 55%. I went straight on the attack in this race to try to set the fastest lap time, worth a point. I managed it on lap 4 and then I relaxed, safe in the knowledge that Pier Guidi was behind me. I slowed down quite a lot towards the end to save the tyres. Race 2 will be difficult but my aim of winning the title is not impossible. To win, we will have to not make any mistakes because both Pier Guidi and I will have a bit of extra weight on board and this will affect the tyres. The weight handicap will probably add 4-5 seconds a lap. It is true that Cerqui’s BMW will have a handicap too but the M3s have a much lower starting weight compared to all the other cars in the championship”.

Pier Guidi: "I shook off Cerqui at the start"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
I got the result I wanted. I wanted to get second place behind Bertolini to take points off his rivals and I managed to do it. I overtook Cerqui early on; he tried to hit back but then gave in. My tyres may have worn out as the race went on but I think his were worse. The Quattroporte Evo doesn’t really stress the tyres too much thanks to its weight distribution and good balance. The edge we have at Vallelunga, which is a mixed circuit, is down to our cars’ agility and speed through the curves. In Race 2 I will again be aiming to stick to Bertolini like a shadow; we will be giving it everything”.


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