Post-race 2 comments

Valencia - ESP

Andrea Bertolini 

Post-race 2 comments

08/05/2011 - Valencia
Andrea Bertolini: "I tried to attack towards the end but the tyres were shot."

Andrea Bertolini. "This is another pleasing result after all the hard work carried out in the winter by Maserati Corse.
This was done for the first time on the Quattroporte to develop it and make the Swiss Team car more competitive than it had been in the previous two seasons. Sure, I wanted to win this second race.
I tried everything right up until the end, using the experience gained in years of FIA GT races with the MC12 GT1, but with 30 kg of ballast it was impossible to do any better.
At the start there was no chance of holding back Ferrara’s Mercedes. It was a miracle that I then managed to stay in touch with the team Caal car while also trying to not be too aggressive with the tyres; I wanted to keep a little grip to launch an attack on the final three laps. I almost pulled into his slipstream at the end but then had to ease up because I felt the tyres had lost almost all their grip and I didn’t want to take any silly risks.
Still, even though I didn’t win the race, I was really happy to receive a text message right after from our chief executive, Harald Wester, congratulating me. He really believes in the sport and fully supports Maserati Corse

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