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Post-race 1 comments

Number 33 victorious in Valencia.
Andrea Bertolini. “I had the number 33 in 2004 when I drove the Maserati MC12 GT1 to its first FIA GT success at Oschersleben just a few weeks after its debut at Imola.

Today in Superstars I again drove a number 33 Maserati to victory and again in the second round of a season. The Quattroporte competing this year is very different to the one that was used over the past two seasons: it has been completely revised with the collaboration of Maserati Corse and has been tagged ‘Evo’.

The win was based on the start. The night before, with the help of the technicians, I studied the best gear and revs to use for the rolling start. We had to do this because you need to accelerate from around 70 to 90 km/h. Obviously, we came up with the right answer. Then, once I had held off Ferrara’s attack, I chose the best line for taking the first turn.
In the mixed sections of the circuit I gave everything to build up a lead over the Mercedes drivers so that they couldn’t catch me on the straights. I had no choice but to slow down a bit towards the end; the tactics dictated this because a lot had been taken out of the tyres and I didn’t want to throw it all away. It will be more difficult in Race 2 because, after this win, I will have a 30 kg handicap”.