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Valencia - ESP

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Post-qualifying comments

07/05/2011 - Valencia
Andrea Bertolini: Fun in the rain.

Andrea Bertolini. “I have to say that I was really pleased when it started to pour down on Saturday afternoon because I knew I could count on the performance of the Quattroporte Evo. It is true that I had never driven it in the wet but I knew that I had a safe, honest car and so I wasn’t worried at all. As for the set up, we made hardly any changes. I went onto the track with a set of used tyres to get a real idea of the track conditions and then I went into the pits for a new set.
Then I waited for the right time to go back out; I did a launch lap and set the fast one on the first timed lap. I then came back into the pits so that I didn’t take any more risks. The fact that the Quattroporte Evo was quick straight away in the wet, without modifying the set up, proved how well balanced it is. Still, taking pole is no guarantee of anything for the race.
The Mercedes, with their bigger, more powerful engines, will be tough for the Quattroporte Evo to catch at the start. They are quick and it won’t be easy sticking to them

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