Andrea Bertolini

Bertolini’s comments on the upcoming Spanish weekend

Andrea Bertolini: “Unlike Monza where it is all about power, our car will be more at home at Valencia”.

Andrea Bertolini: “I have never raced at Valencia because in the FIA GT, in which I raced up until last year, we never competed there. Having said this, I do know the track well because we did lots of tyre tests there for the Maserati MC12 GT1.
It is a semi-fast circuit with sweeping curves and points that call for sharp braking and acceleration. So, you need to be a technically good driver and know how to manage the tyres because a lot of time is spent in curves and because temperatures are usually pretty high. Cars that don’t suffer as much tyre wear and whose tyres are more consistent in races should have the edge, especially when it comes to overtaking. Still, I think that the Maserati Quattroporte Evo could do well on a track like Valencia as it has good torque levels, is well balanced and aerodynamic and doesn’t wear out the tyres too quickly.
Our car will be better suited to Valencia than to Monza where power is what counts. We finished on the podium at Monza and so I think we could do very well at Valencia.
I think BMW will be among our main rivals as they are also competitive on this circuit.