Bertolini: "We have no alternative: we have to win!"

Andrea Bertolini: “We have to win! This is my only aim at Spa because we are at a crucial stage in the season and we have no alternative".

The setbacks at Misano really hit our title push hard and now we can’t just see out the season; we have to get maximum points. I am optimistic going into Spa because I don’t have a weight handicap and because the Quattroporte Evo goes great in fast curves as it is so well-balanced. On top of this is the fact that I like the circuit. I won the Spa 24 Hours in the MC12 GT1 in 2006 and in 2008. These past two weeks I have practically been living here: last weekend I raced a Ferrari F458 GT3 in the Blancpain Endurance Series 24 Hour. I finished third overall and, eighteen hours in, I was first in the Pro-Am category before we were penalised for an oversight by one of the other drivers in our team. Then Ferrari, who I test for, called me up and asked me to carry out some work in the F1 simulator using the Spa layout. At Spa, the style of driving still makes all the difference. When all is said and done, I think that we have a good all-round package”.


Pier Guidi:The Quattroporte Evo is ideal for Spa’s sweeping curves


Alessandro Pier Guidi: “We don’t just need a win at Spa, we need a one-two. I hope that it is Bertolini that gets the wins, because he is chasing the title, and that I finish second. We have to bring home as many points as we can without leaving anything to our rivals; the other drivers have already benefited from ‘bonus’ points and we will not be the ones to give them any more… We can really go for it at Spa because the recent tests at Mugello - a track that is very similar to this weekend’s – we set the car up well. This made the Evo especially efficient and we set some excellent lap times. It is true that the Mercedes will be able to count on their bigger, more powerful engines and this will be an advantage going uphill but our Quattroporte Evos are quick through the fast curves. As for the BMWs, though they have smaller engines like ours, they will be competitive but in a different way. The M3 E92s from BMW Italia, for example, are really potent and so we will have to look out for them. A special eye will have to be kept on Thomas Biagi as he, like us, has no weight handicap. As for the other German cars, I think they have a bit less power to draw on”.