Statements after race 2

Spa - BEL

Andrea Bertolini 

Statements after race 2

07/08/2011 - Spa
Bertolini: "Now things get interesting"

Andrea Bertolini:I wanted to win at Spa and I got a pole and two victories. Things have just got interesting. In the second race I knew that I would not be caught if I could get to Le Combes in the lead as it comes after the Eau Rouge – Radillon uphill and the Kemmel straight where the Mercedes are favourites with their bigger engines and greater power. The key to the win was managing the tyres so that they performed throughout the race. It is a shame that Pier Guidi was accused by Caal Racing of holding up their driver Ferrara to help me out: Alessandro was only covering the inside line and made just one move without squeezing anyone out because he was ahead of Ferrara. Still, I am not interested in bickering. All we have to focus on is making up for all the points we dropped at tracks like Monza and Portimao, with punctures, and at Misano, after a collision. We would be leading the championship if we hadn’t had these mishaps. At Spa we made a huge step in the right direction. Now I am just 10 points off Ferrara. This is a decent spot to be in with two events to run and seeing as there are 43 points to play for. It is true that I will have a 60kg weight handicap at Mugello – the maximum – after the results at Spa. On top of this is the extra 15 kg we have had to carry for two races now; weight that was assigned because the Quattroporte Evo was felt to be too competitive. Even so, Mugello is like my home circuit. I have tested loads and won there often during my career and hope to pull something out of the fire”.

Pier Guidi: "Nothing wrong with my duel with Ferrara"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
I came away with no points from this round too. This was because of a transmission problem, maybe after asking too much of just my car in testing at Mugello and Vallelunga. It was unfortunate because, up until that point, my battle with Ferrara had been exciting and clean. It is not true what his team came out with, in heated terms, once the race was over. I didn’t hold him up and only made one move to the right to move onto the inside line for the next curve. There was nothing wrong with what I did and I wasn’t penalised. Even so, I was only able to defend my spot for a little longer because the Mercedes cars are impossible to contain going uphill and on the straight. After this, I tried to keep my tyres in decent shape and wait for the ones on the Mercedes C63 AMGs to give in. In the end, there wasn’t enough time for this to happen”.

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