Statements after race 1

Spa - BEL

Andrea Bertolini 

Statements after race 1

07/08/2011 - Spa
Bertolini: "The fast curves were amazing!"

Andrea Bertolini:What a race! I thought that the Mercedes would be quicker off the mark in Race 1 and it turned out that way. Even so, I knew that in the middle section, the one where you really have to drive, my Quattroporte Evo would be unbeatable. This also turned out to be true! The C63 AMGs again showed that they have fine engines and a lot of extra power because of their bigger engines but my Quattroporte Evo is so well balanced and set up and that was difference in the fast curves. At one stage, I thought that I wasn’t going to make it. When Herbert and Ferrara were on my back I asked too much of the car and locked the rear wheels at La Source. Still, I knew that, sooner or later, the C63 AMGs would have tyre trouble and that their drivers would suffer a bit. In the end, both Herbert and Ferrara strayed off the track. Herbert then had a technical hitch but that is what racing is like; I had bad luck with three punctures in three races”.

Pier Guidi: "KO’d just when it was getting tasty"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
I don’t know what to say: just as things were livening up, a short circuit cut out the engine every time I went over 5000 rpm. I had just overtaken Pigoli, who had been holding me up for a few laps, and I would have caught Ferrara because I knew his tyres were not in good shape. Then I had to pull out. It was a real pity because the car had been great from the start even if it is true that we couldn’t contain the Mercedes early on. I tried to keep Ferrara, our nearest rival for the title, in check but, obviously, this meant that Herbert got away. Then Pigoli and Ferrara nipped past because their C63 AMGs just have too much juice and are as quick on the straights as they are from a standing start. Like Bertolini, I think that I was getting better as the race went on and I think I could have made the podium. Now I’m just hoping that the short circuit has not caused any other problems to the engine and that I can make up for things in Race 2”.


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