Statements after qualifying

Spa - BEL

Andrea Bertolini 

Statements after qualifying

06/08/2011 - Spa
Bertolini: "I took pole on my first lap"

Andrea Bertolini: “Things went well in the sessions both on the dry and in the wet. This is because Swiss Team, together with Maserati Corse, worked well in preparing this race; the results of the test sessions at Mugello proved to be especially useful here. Also, the Quattroporte Evo is comfortable in fast curves and stretches where there are rapid changes of direction like at Spa. I managed to set my qualifying time on my first lap. Then, once I had pulled in to change my tyres, I could have lowered it even more but I had to overtake a slower driver. Adding together the split times from the three sections, to make up my ideal lap, shows that I could have gone quicker. Things will not be easy in the race because the Belgian circuit has some uphill sections and long straights like Kemmel. This, and at the start, is where we will have to keep an eye on the Mercedes C63 AMGs. We will have to be careful because of their bigger engines and top speed that is 12-13 km/h faster than ours”.

Pier Guidi: "What fast set up changes!"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
I am really satisfied with how qualifying went because the niggly problems I had at Misano have been sorted out. I noticed some big improvements during the recent tests at Mugello thanks to the work carried out by Swiss Team and Maserati Corse. Our team has again shown how professional it is in finding an excellent blend of top performance and limited tyre wear. The team also managed to tweak the cars’ set up to suit the conditions. We had very little time to work on the car: we ran only two laps in free practice what with the red flag being shown twice. I am optimistic going into the race as Ferrara, I think, is having tyre wear problems on his Mercedes and will struggle to be pacy for the entire race. Still, it will be tough holding him off at the start because his C63 AMG accelerates well from a standstill”.


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