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Portimao - PRT

Andrea Chiesa at Portimao 

Post race 1 comments

22/05/2011 - Portimao
Andrea Bertolini. "I hoped to finish on the podium despite being hit with a 50kg handicap. I was a bit upset at only just missing out. Still, it could have gone worse: if the tyres had gone even a few hundred metres earlier, I would not have even got fourth".

"Luckily I had managed to build up a big enough gap over Ferrara. I will be going for the podium again in Race 2. I will try to attack this time while also keeping an eye on the tyres".


Andrea Chiesa. "I am satisfied and angry at the same time. I am pleased because, thanks to the technicians working into the early hours of Sunday morning, the little problems we had earlier on the Quattroporte Evo, and which saw me qualify in 13th, have been sorted. I am annoyed because the car was in good shape and I was set for a decent finish. I could have done without the clash with De Giacomi. I had just slowed down because Michela Cerruti ahead of me had braked early; De Giacomi suddenly appeared on my inside. I don't know where he was heading because there was no space and I think he also realised this because he said sorry after the race. I will try to make up for it in Race 2 but it won't be easy because the qualifying session decides both grids. Also, because of the problems we had in free practice and qualifying, I wore down the tyres a lot and they won't be in the best shape".




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