Post qualifying comments

Portimao, the race

Post qualifying comments

Bertolini: "A loop of death"

Andrea Bertolini. “I managed to set the second best time after…loop of death! I tried to perform well straight away to keep the tyres in good condition for the race. I think I did well and think I achieved my objective and this is satisfying. In the races it will be a whole different story. The car is carrying to much weight to attack. Instead, I will race against the other drivers chasing the title, that is Ferrara and Pigoli. I haven’t mentioned Biagi because his BMW is really suited to Portimao and he doesn’t have a handicap, so I think he will be uncatchable”.


Chiesa: "Electrical hitches slowed me down"


Andrea Chiesa. “Free practice and qualifying were tough for me. I am not too pleased with my times. My Quattroporte Evo is brand new and we have a few problems to iron out, mostly electrical. Without a doubt the car is competitive but, unfortunately, I never had the chance to complete one good lap. For me, this meet at Portimao will be a test to see how we can tweak the set up so that it is ready for the next round”.