Bertolini: "It's not right changing the rules halfway through"

Andrea Bertolini: "It will be hard at Mugello. Along with Spa and Brno, it is the track I like most. It has plenty of ups and downs and fascinating curves where you really need to be brave to keep your foot on the gas. This time, though, my rivals will have a big advantage over the Quattroporte Evo thanks to their bigger engines and lighter weight. Both Ferrara and I will have a 60kg weight handicap but the C63 has 80bhp more than the Quattroporte Evo. Also, half way through the season our cars were given an extra 15kg penalty for being too competitive. At the same time, 20kg were shaved off the M3 E92s, making them 155kg lighter than my car. It doesn't seem right to me changing the balance of performance two rounds from the end of the season. At Maserati Corse we have all the cars' performance data and it is clear that, at Spa, the BMWs were really quick in curves and on stretches with rapid changes of direction where having a light car really helps. They were particularly fast in the second half of the race and the only reason they didnt pick up that many points was because they made a few mistakes in qualifying in the wet, as in Valencia. I think that I will only be able to go for points at Mugello, meaning that there will be everything to play for at Vallelunga. Still, I don't want to cry about it, as others in this championship do, hoping to get something or other... All I want to do is get the regulations situation straight. Don't worry, I will be giving my all as usual and this time it will be exciting for you. See you at Mugello".

Pier Guidi: "I will go on the attack, to win"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
"I have had a lot of bad luck in previous rounds and now I hope to put it behind me. I want to give everything at Mugello and attack in both races to help Maserati win the title. I started competing in this series when it had already got underway. In the last round at Spa, where I qualified second, I would have notched two good results if I hadn't had to pull out with a technical hitch and then had a problem with the transmission.

Now everything has been sorted out; we ran a few tests at Franciacorta recently and found a little too much vibration from the transmission so we made a few changes to it. Now it works perfectly and so I feel I can challenge for the win at Mugello, especially as I won't have a weight handicap after the Spa weekend. The surface at Mugello has been completely relaid and so we shouldn't have as much tyre wear. This means that we ought to be able to lap at a consistently high tempo until the end. The new asphalt will obviously also benefit the Mercedes which, with its bigger engine and greater power, puts the tyres under more stress. All in all, I think our Quattroporte Evos are better balanced cars. On the other hand, I think it will be very difficult taking on the BMWs; they are too light, even for my handicap-free Quattroporte Evo. Even so, I will do my best to keep them behind me and feel that its my turn to grab a win".