Statements after race 2

Mugello - ITA

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Statements after race 2

25/09/2011 - Mugello
Bertolini: "It is not over. Everything is to play for at Vallelunga"

Andrea Bertolini:It was a weekend to forget. Everything went wrong. First I had a problem with the brakes in qualifying, then had my times cancelled for a tiny mistake and then came the clash in race one before having to pull out of the second race without even making it to the grid. I might have been better off staying at home… It was a shame as I made a decent comeback in race one, from 24th to 8th. It came to an end when I clashed with Sini, who was slower and in trouble. He closed the door on me when I was overtaking him. In the time between the two races, the mechanics did a brilliant job in patching up the car after it had taken a lot of damage. All we needed was the hydrostatics oil tube to go in the warm up. It had also been damaged but in a point where no-one could see it. In the rush to get the car ready, we didn’t have time to check everything or change it. Even so, I want to thank the team for having given everything. I can promise them that I will be doing everything I can at Vallelunga to hit back. It is true that things are now even tougher for us but we still have a fighting chance of the title and I am determined to make the most of it”.

Pier Guidi: "The penalty I paid was too high"

Alessandro Pier Guidi:
“I don’t think I deserved to be shown the black flag for the clash with Rangoni. I think it was a bit harsh because I didn’t mean to collide with him. I didn’t have any reason to do so; my aim was to finish the race. He had overtaken me going uphill by making the most of his Mercedes’ acceleration and I tried to outdo him at Savelli but he shut me out. I don’t normally brake in this section but had to stamp on them hard. The tyres were already in bad shape and I ended up running into him. I repeat: I didn’t mean to. I am disappointed about it and a bit down for the team because it meant that Cerqui notched another win when I could have kept him behind me. I could also have overtaken him in the first race if it hadn’t been for the strange restart that meant I didn’t have the springboard to launch an attack”.


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